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Know Which Brands May Cost You The Most To Maintain?

by Lary Cook 23 days ago in list

If you are thinking of buying a car, then find out which brands might cost you a lot to maintain.

Know Which Brands May Cost You The Most To Maintain?

It would be surprising for you to know that even ordinary vehicles are costly to maintain over ten years.

Among the costly expenses that one has to bear in their lifetime includes paying for a house, college education, and vehicles like cars or sports vehicles.

According to an estimation, Americans spend about 1.5% of their yearly income on their vehicle repair and maintenance.

What Expectation Should You Have For Car Maintenance?

If your car has a warranty cover, still your regular service based on the model can be expensive for you.

You require to consider maintenance costs if you plan to purchase a used car or still thinking of continuing with your ride after its warranty expires.

Usually, expensive luxury cars and minutely engineered sports vehicles are the typical kinds of four-wheelers that will cost you way more for maintenance and repair to keep it running.

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If you buy one of the few ordinary vehicles thinking that might not cost you a lot in repairs still can drain your budget as they may require a frequent visit to repair shops.

And such vehicles with increasing age can cost you higher to maintain it.

Credible automotive repair shops like A&G Customs suggest research on the vehicles properly before buying one to avoid future grievances.

A&G Customs is a local one-stop automotive repair in Holland offering services like brake repair, towing, restoration, custom paint, inspection, auto bodywork, etc.

Five Expensive Brands That You Should Know Before Making Any Purchase

1. Porsche 911

Its ten-year period might cost you about $20,000 in its maintenance and repair costs.

Such a car shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone if it comes as the most expensive vehicle to maintain and repair in ten years.

Such a vehicle with fine German engineering and fantastic racing performance isn't affordable.

The service costs for changing oil & filter is about two hundred dollars, replacing pads or rotors cost about three thousand two hundred dollars, and replacing a starter will cost you about fifteen hundred dollars.

2. BMW 640i Gran Coupe

It will cost you about $16000 in ten years of repair and maintenance.

It comprises the ultimate style and stunning performance levels, but its maintenance can cost you a lot.

It's general dealer services like oil & filter change might cost you around $170, the brake replacement will cost you about $1600, and starter replacement is around $900.

3. BMW M4

In particular, this model might cost you about $15000 for the ten-year worth of maintenance and repair.

It is a convertible alternative to the M3 sedan, and its performance levels are off the charts.

Its general services like filter and oil change, brake pad or rotor replacement, starter replacement can cost you about $170, $4000, and $850 respectively.

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4. Lincoln MKS

Its ten-year repair and maintenance will cost you about $15000.

It's full-size model ranges from 2009 to 2016 and consequently replaced by Continental. It was not more of a luxurious and flashier version of the Ford Taurus with the turbocharged engine, and still, it made it into the list.

This model's ordinary services will cost around $150 for filter & oil change, $820 for rotor or brake pads replacement, and $500 for a starter replacement.

5. Audi A4 Allroad

Its ten-year repair and maintenance expense is around $14000.

It is a high-grade luxurious vehicle with features like the A4 wagon model like underbody protection, all-wheel drive, particular SUV like touches, and high ground clearance.

Its ordinary repairs like oil & filter change will cost you $180, so the brake pads replacement may cost you about $900, and starter replacement might cost you about $750.

All these above-stated facts are relevant. Still, whatever model you purchase, you are bound to incur repair and maintenance expenses. It might be lower than the above models.

For any automotive repair in Holland, you should contact a one-stop auto repair shop like A&G Customs.

They have an expert team of specialists with the tools and ability to deal with any repair issue.

Get in touch today at 215 669 3072.

Lary Cook
Lary Cook
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