KingSong Ks-s18 Vs Kingsong Ks-16x - What are the main differences?

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KingSong Ks-s18 Vs Kingsong Ks-16x - What are the main differences?

The KS-16x and the KS-S18 are two of the modern electric unicycles from the brand KingSong, a China-based manufacturer of advanced electric mobility solutions, including unicycles and e-scooters.

Both the unicycles are performance-driven and coupled with powerful motors to offer a decent and exciting ride experience. Since both are created by the same brand, they have the same standard features like ergonomic design, brushless motor, app support, among others. Also, they both cost almost the same. There are, however, many differences as well between the two when it comes to design and overall performance.

In this article, we take a close look at the two outstanding products from KingSong in order to figure out which one is the best to buy.

KingSong KS-S18

The KingSong Ks-s18 is the latest electric unicycle by the Chinese brand and was launched only recently. It’s supposed to be an upgrade to the Ks-16x but has the same 2200W motor offering the same top speed of 50 km/h. The bulky motor of the KS-S-18 provides a peak torque of 140Nm, which offers quick acceleration for hilly rides. On top of that, it offers up to 40-degree gradeability, so no hills are unachievable.

The highlight of the new KingSong S18 is the unique, sporty design that is said to be more ergonomic and speed-oriented. Well, that definitely seems to improve the acceleration and speed performance of the vehicle.

One of the best things about the new S18 unicycle, as the company claims, is the variable linkage dampening air suspension system that uses 200-57 suspension. The wheel in this unicycle is bigger than the one in the 16x.

The 1110Wh LG battery of the KS-S18 offers a decent riding mileage of 71.2 km (44.5 miles) and takes about 6 hours to charge. The unicycle has been integrated with a new 4-layer motherboard, offering 4000W peak power output. The 1600lm leadlight is another best part about the vehicle that offers up to 2 times stronger brightness than the 16x and comes with an automatic mode-switch sensor.

Like most KIngSong devices, this one can also be managed and customized using the company app.

Other features include:

  • Wheel Size - 18″
  • Weight - 22 Kg, 48.5 Lbs
  • Max Load - 120kg (265lbs)
  • Pedals - 10″
  • Safe usage temperature - -10°C ~ 60°C
  • Bluetooth & Android/iOS app

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KingSong Ks-16x

The KS-16x is the predecessor to the KS-S18, so it should naturally have some limited features, but the difference is not big.

To start with, the unicycle has the same 2200W motor, offering up to 50 km/h of top speed. However, the climbing angle is limited to 35-degree. The best part is, of course, the large 1554Wh battery that offers a whopping mileage of around 150 km. The battery takes about 8.5 hours to fully charge.

It has bluetooth along with a built-in 20w speaker. Also, it offers the facility to manage controls using the app. The unicycle has been integrated with a 4-layer motherboard, offering 4200W peak power output. Another interesting feature is the RGB lighting system with colorful lights for turning, breaking along with a bright headlight.

Other features:

  • Wheel Size - 16″
  • Weight - 51.8 lbs (23.5kgs)
  • Max Load - 120kg (265lbs)
  • Pedals - 9.5” long, 7” ground clearance
  • Safe usage temperature - -10°C ~ 60°C
  • Bluetooth & iOS/Android app
  • Built-in magnesium retractable push handle
  • Regenerative brake
  • Side LEDs

Conclusion: KingSong Ks-s18 Vs Kingsong Ks-16x - Which to buy?

Since both the KS-S18 and the KS-16x have nearly the same price, all you have to do is compare the features above in order to choose the best unicycle for you. If you are a fan of large battery rides, go with the KS-16x. The KS-S18, on the other hand, is the better value for the money overall.

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