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Kia's new models are selling like hot cakes and winning awards

by David Thompson 13 days ago in industry

The new generation of KIA cars are selling like hot cakes, winning many awards at home and abroad! Carnival (Carnival) has accumulated more than 520 orders within three weeks of launch

In 2021, KIA will be the general agent of Sena Mia Kia in Taiwan, China, and actively launch into the market in Taiwan, China. Adhere to the business philosophy of synchronizing with the global market, KIA will introduce the latest generation of KIA models at the fastest speed, and win recognition from domestic prospective car owners with hot sales results.

KIA's new GUV (Grand Utility Vehicle) all-new luxury travel Carnival (Carnival), after its official launch on April 13th, has achieved a sales record of more than 520 orders in less than three weeks. The KIA flagship all-new Sorento, with its magnificent appearance and cutting-edge safety technology, won the 2021 Reddot Design Award and the IF Design Award. More recently announced in the 2021 car news wind and cloud award, won the best imported large SUV glory!

In addition to the excellent performance of the level of travel, Kia Picanto, which has been the monthly sales champion of imported cars of the same level for many times, has not only been the overall sales champion since the second half of "20" to April of "21" with a total sales volume of 1,373 units, but the total sales volume from January to April of this year has increased by 97% compared with the same period last year! The newly launched Kia Stonic in March, the 1.4L fashion version with the standard Level 2 intelligent driving assistance from the price of 739,000, coupled with the only 1.0T intelligent petrol and electricity in the same class, has been well received since its launch, and the cumulative order has reached 120. The hot market reaction of domestic forward-looking car owners and the highly awarded affirmation from professional media at home and abroad have proved the extraordinary charm of the new generation KIA model again.

All-New Carnival (Carnival) integrates MPV's high ride function and SUV's sports style elements with three product DNA, "Trendy Design Innovative Design, Luxury Comfort Luxury Comfort and Pioneer Technology". To create a new GUV (Grand Utility Vehicle) full-function luxury leisure Vehicle for the car industry, it has attracted the expectations of many domestic consumers before its launch. Since its launch in April, it has been affirmed by 520 car owners in less than three weeks, and the warm market response fully proves that, All-new Carnival (Carnival) is enough to shake the top flagship leisure market's strong strength and extraordinary pattern.

In terms of active safety technology, all-new Carnival is standard equipped with Drive Wise intelligent safety assistance system in line with SAE Level 2 automatic driving classification, with the only BVM blind zone development and BCA blind zone guidance and positive assistance system at the same Level, and a number of complete active and passive safety equipment. In addition to the multi-function full-size cabin seat changes, including the only reverse adjustment of the second row of seats in the same class, it becomes the most intimate and safe land mobile first-class family.

All-new Sorento, the luxury flagship leisure travel of KIA brand, has been well received by domestic consumers and has accumulated nearly 600 orders since its launch. All-new SORENTO has won many awards in the international car industry since its release, thanks to its three product DNA, "Innovation and Transformation", "Honor and Texture" and "Prospective Technology". Recently, KIA has won the honors of Reddot Design Award 2021 and IF Design Award 2021 again. Since 2009, KIA has won 47 trophies in total in all vehicle series. In addition to winning many international awards, the All-New Sorento won the title of "Best Imported Large SUV" at the annual "Car News Award" held in China on April 28.

With the product DNA of "CONFIDENT, CONFIDENT, PROUD and FREE", the KIA all-new urban fashion car All-New Picanto continues to sell well for several months. Despite the limited car supply of some models, it still sold 89 licensed cars in April! From the second half of '20 to April of' 21, it has not only been the top seller with a total sales volume of 1,373 units, but the total sales volume from January to April of this year has increased by 97% compared with the same period last year. Prove the unique charm after the change, and fully get the love of young first purchase groups.

The All-New Picanto is standard equipped with Drive Wise intelligent safety assistance system, among which the FCA forward active braking assistance system mounted by GT-Line has the function of pedestrian detection, which makes the newbies feel more at ease on the road. In addition, the only LFA advanced lane maintenance assistance system (full speed range) in the same class can help the vehicle to stay in the original lane, so that the driver is more comfortable on the road.

Not only does the active and passive security technology outperform its peer, but the powertrain is no less impressive. The all-new Picanto is powered by Kia's new energy-efficient powertrain, with a mere 1,197c.c. The all-new Picanto has a new 1.2MPI engine and an electronic serial transmission system (5-speed manual transmission), achieving an average fuel consumption of 18.3km/L, making the all-new Picanto the first choice for young consumers with a number of safety and energy saving technologies.

All New-Stonic, the first new energy vehicle model introduced by KIA in China, leads KIA into the new energy era with three new product DNA of "Power Up Intelligent Oil and Electricity, Safety Up Advanced Safety and Tech Up Proactive Technology". With a 1.0-T gasoline turbine engine paired with a 48V smart gas-electric MHEV auxiliary engine output, it has a coasting function mode and delivers a fuel consumption performance of up to 19.9km/L.

All-New Stonic has a 1.0T smart gas-electric version, a 1.4-liter MPI natural intake engine as the power option, and a six-speed manual self-transmission system, which can output 100ps/13.6 KGM of full power, and a 1.4-L fashion version from 739,000. Level 2 intelligent driving assistance is standard for all vehicle systems, including the only LFA advanced lane maintenance assistance system (full speed field) and SCC intelligent cruise control system, so that intelligent and safe driving is easily available.

In addition, All-New Stonic is equipped with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, which is the only wireless connection of its class. With the stylish design of crossover style and excellent flexible compartment space, the All-New Stonic has successfully captured the attention of young fashionable customers.

David Thompson
David Thompson
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