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Turn off your brights (More President Stuff)

Please make sure to watch the one-minute video above. Every morning I see people with their high beams on and wonder how on Earth can they not tell their high beams are on. The light is blinding if they get close enough or behind you at a traffic light. Most people just are not aware their high beams are on. The simple tip is: When you turn on your lights, check your brights. That should not be hard to remember.

It can be dangerous to other drivers to have your high beams on all the time just like not using your turn signal. Please check out my story on how to use your turn signal. How many times have you seen someone with their brights on? How many times have you nearly got into an accident because you were blinded by those bright lights? Personally, I do not understand how a person can’t know their high beams are on. When you consider how bright everything is around them, they should figure it out.

If you are on a dark road, I understand having your high beams on, just turn them off when another car is coming, but in the city, there is no point to have them on. Let’s face facts, and this is my opinion, but I am sure many will agree but many people do it just to be a jerk. These are the same people you see constantly cutting people off and running red lights. They speed down the road at twice the legal speed limit. Some people are jerks and cannot change. Their underpowered brains are way too small. This will not help them.

Therefore, if I am elected President in 2024 or any year after that date, I will implement a mandatory 40 hour driving class. In this class people will learn how to use their high beams, turn signals and learn proper manners behind the wheel. High School kids must complete drivers Education which will incorporate this class. This class will have to be taken ever 4th time a person renews their license but if they get into 1 major accident that is their fault, or 2 minor accidents, they must take it before they can renew their license. A person that gets into 3 accidents, regardless of fault within a 3-year span must take this course since they are obviously doing something wrong. The course will also teach car maintenance, how to change a tire and perform an oil change. I believe this will cut down on the number of bad drivers and accidents. Also, if a person gets their license suspended do to traffic violations, they must take this course. It all the mentioned circumstance it will not count as the taking it every 4th time they get their license renewed.

Although this is off topic, as President I will put forth a constitutional amendment to Congress guaranteeing voting rights: no gerrymandering, people allowed to cast ballots, election day holiday and more. I will also cut funding to any college or university that does not allow due process to their students and make that apart of the accreditation process. Their accreditation will be pulled immediately.

Check out my YouTube channel if you want to know how to deal with tailgaters, but it is usually best to just let them pass. As with these people abusing their high beams it’s just best not to get involved with these people. I believe the majority of the people with their high beams on do not realize they are on and I hope this article gets to them and they start turning them off. Remember there are other people besides you on the road and in this world.

Good luck to you are and it could be worse, you could be me. Good day.

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