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How to Install an Alarm System on a Motorcycle

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Motorcycle Alarm Installation Guide

Alarm systems for motorcycles require effort and courage to secure your bike and scare the thief away.

Securing your motorcycle is important to protect the fear of theft and loss. Having an alarm system is a useful tool to protect your bike from theft and loss.

If you want your bike to survive from thieves, you need to follow clear instructions on how to install an alarm system on a motorcycle.

To secure your bike safely, you need to have some decent knowledge about how to install motorcycle alarm and where you want to locate the motorcycle alarm installation.

To know how to install an alarm system on a motorcycle, follow the instructions below:

1) Purchase a good quality motorcycle alarm system

When purchasing an alarm system, make sure you look for alarms that have battery backups as starter immobilizer. This helps to stop thieves from hot-wiring the bike.

2) Refer to the motorcycle alarm installation diagram

You can refer to the wiring diagram through your motorcycle manual, online or at your local dealership.

3) Get all the necessary equipment together

To begin the process of installation, you need to identify the features of the alarm that you plan to install onto your bike.

4) Prepare the wires

Find the motorcycle’s battery and disconnect the negative terminal to avoid electrical shocks.

5) Identify the wires that connect to the same plug

Wrap them with electrical tape at intervals along the wires. Do not wrap the wires completely and leave some space for the end wire for connecting to other locations.

6) Locate to any additional wiring

This will run from the ignition to the centre of the fuse box. To test safely is to open the ignition switch to ensure they are the right ones.

7) Remove the panels where the motorcycle wires are located

You must remember where all the screws and clips go.

8) Find an appropriate spot to mount the motorcycle alarm.

Make sure you choose a spot that is not visible. Do not place the module closer than 12 inches to the engine.

9) Then tape or strap the alarm module in place.

If your alarm system comes with sticky pads, make sure you prepare the surface with alcohol or a degreaser before you mount.

10) Mount the siren to a spot where it is not visible

11) Test the polarity first and connect the wires to the correct locations

To connect the wires you can splice the wires, heat shrinking or soldering. After splicing the wires, tape them with electrical tape.

12) Know the wires.

The interface connects to the IGN wire located in the motorcycle’s ignition switch harness. The switch harness should be no more than 12 volts when the ignition is on. This should not show any voltage when the ignition switch is off.

13) Find the engine immobilizer wires

Cut the side of the wires that leads back to the main power of your motorcycle. Then connect one end of the cut wire to the first immobilizer and the other end of the cut wire to the second immobilizer wire.

14) Connect the power and ground wires directly to the battery terminals.

For this, you need clamps or terminal taps.

15) Replace the panels on the motorcycle to cover the wires.

16) Refer to the alarm manual and test to see if all of the functions work properly.

If the alarm system works properly, then your bike is safe from theft. If you face any troubleshooting, open the panel again and check the wires for any issues.

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Here are the instructions on how to install an alarm system on a motorcycle. To protect your bike from theft is to know about motorcycle alarm installation. One alarm system will scare the thief from coming near to your bike. If you have not installed one, now is the time to have one by following the procedures on how to install an alarm system on a motorcycle.

So install the alarm system and your bike will stay safe and secure!

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