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How Dark Should I Install The Tint for My Car Windows?

by James 6 months ago in how to
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Car Window Tint

Nothing is more annoying than sitting in a heated car on sunny days. To ensure this does not happen to you, apply an auto window tint to your car to prevent UV rays from entering and turning your interior heated. Tinted films allow privacy, protect your car against harmful rays, and also maintain the upholstery of your car. It also reduces the glare and amount of light that irritate your eyes while driving. There is an array of options in window tint films which start from 5% and go up to 90%. The percentage refers to the amount of light that can pass through the window film which is defined as Visual Light Transmission (VLT). The lower the percentage the darker the films. You can choose the shade of window tint as per your preferences, but before doing that check about the laws you need to abide by before getting your car window tinted. Apart from this, there are other factors too.

Why regulate window tint darkness?

Window tint is designed to protect you from harmful UV rays but it prevents people from peeping inside as well. If you leave or forget any of your belongings in your car, the person outside won’t get a sight of it. On the other hand, if your windows are too dark, it might be tough to see while driving. Window tint can be installed on all four windows of your car along with the front glass. Confirm with an automotive professional what percentage of tint is suitable for your car and make a decision accordingly that adheres to the tinting laws of your state.

Different shades of darkness

The shades of tint films are determined through visual transmission levels(VlT). The most common percentage level of tint films people opt for is 20, 35, and 50%. Know the reasons why

Twenty percent

This tinted film is also referred to as ‘Factory tint’ as most vehicles that come with ‘built-in’ factory tint is 15-20%. This tint is common among newly manufactured vehicles. With this tint film, you can see outside easily.

Thirty-five percent

35% is popular among consumers because it provides privacy, blocks UV rays, and enhances the aesthetics of your vehicle. It also gives a smooth and stylish look.

Fifty percent

This window tint film blocks 50% of the sun’s rays and also blocks UV radiations. The good thing is 50% is allowed in almost all the states, still, confirm it before buying.

Five percent

This percentage of tint looks like the vehicle is almost blacked out and is commonly referred to as ‘Limo tint’

Basics of tint laws

While choosing a car window tint percentage you should consider the laws in your local area. Each state has rules that allow a maximum percentage for tinted windows. For e.g In Illinois, the rules are different for SUVs, vans, and cars. Arizona’s car tinting laws do not allow more than 33% and California sets the limit of 70%. The government allows 35% of light in front, back, and rear windows on cars while in SUVs and vans, 50% for front-side. For backside and rear windows, you can pick according to your preference.

The rules may sound complicated so it is better to contact a professional before choosing your tint. This will give you clarity about what your car will look like and the advantages you will get out of that particular tint percentage.

Define your purpose

What’s your purpose for getting the window tinted? Do you want privacy? Do you want to enhance the aesthetics of your car? A clearly defined purpose will make it easier for you to decide which one to choose

  • If you want to protect yourself and your co-travelers from UV rays, then a translucent film will block almost 100% of the sun’s UV rays and maintain your car’s fresh interior look.
  • If you want to enjoy a more comfortable driving experience and protect yourself from sun rays that alleviate migraines then go with a percentage that keeps out a lot of light but doesn’t darken your windows entirely.
  • If you are seeking privacy then choose a darker film, but if you want to prevent heavy UV rays from entering the tint film should be 50%.

These are some of the important considerations to make before getting your car window tinted. Once you find the perfect tint film for your car, you will experience a plethora of benefits and find your investment worth it

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