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Get Your Car Ready for Winter! Car Accessories That You Will Not Miss!

by David Greenaway 7 months ago in how to
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Do you know how to prepare your car for heavy winter?

Get Your Car Ready for Winter! Car Accessories That You Will Not Miss!
Photo by Martin Katler on Unsplash

Winter is knocking at the door! Have you properly prepared for the cold season? If not here's a new product just for you! Pay attention to your car, which must provide you with all the necessary traffic protection in winter, as well as the comfort you want. Here are the 5 winter car accessories that you should not miss.

1. Winter car tires

The first and most important are car tires designed especially for the cold season. Any car, according to the law, must drive in winter properly equipped with tires regulated by law.

Therefore, if you do not yet have a set of winter tires, it is time to buy one. And if you want to get rid of tire changes twice a year, you can choose all-season tires.

It is not at all difficult to buy winter tires. All you need to know is their series, which is written both in the car book and on the current tires. You will see a series of type 245 35 R15, where 245 represents the width expressed in millimeters, 35 represents the height (expressed as a percentage of the width), and R15 is the inner diameter of the tire. In addition, both winter envelopes.

As well as all season, they must have the letters M and S written on them, as well as a snowflake. The letter M comes from "Mud" which in English means "mud", and S comes from "Snow", which means "snow". In the absence of these symbols, the tires are not regulated by law and you risk being fined.

2. Chains for wheels

You don't have to treat the cold season with indifference. Polishing and icing are extremely dangerous. That is why it is advisable to equip your car with chains that prevent it from slipping. Car chains are extremely useful on snowy days, both in the city and on the long road.

3. A car air heater

If the air conditioning system does not cope or has failed, it does not mean that you have to cool down in the car. Buy a car air heater to heat your car.

The best car air heater you can choose for your car is a 2 in 1 air heater, which also has a demisting function. The air heater can be used to partially heat the passenger compartment of the car until its heating system starts and to demist the windshield.

The air heater is equipped with a thermostat and works at 12v with a power of 150w. It has a 360 ° rotation angle of the base pivot and a foldable handle for mobile use.

4. Car accessories for snow removal

The snow that is eagerly awaited by children, is a real nightmare for drivers who have to get their cars out of the mud.

Therefore, you need to be properly prepared for this action. You will need a shovel, a broom, and a squeegee. Equip yourself with warm gloves or keep such a pair in the car. It is also helpful to have windshield fluid with alcohol to help defrost your car.

5. Interior car accessories

In addition to outdoor car accessories, during the winter you can also consider buying indoor car accessories to make your days easier. These include electrically heated seat covers, which will help you warm up quickly after getting behind the wheel.

Also, both in winter and in the rest of the seasons, you must have at hand a highly absorbent cloth with which to wipe the windows if they steam.

On the internet, you can find a lot of cheap car accessories, from which you can choose the one that suits you.

6. Powerbank

It's very important to have a charged power bank always with you, for the moments when you run out of battery and have problems with the car.

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