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Get to know more closely the advantages of Wuling Confero S ACT 2021, automatic sense manual transmission

by David Thompson 2 months ago in product review

Wuling Confero S ACT 2021

Wuling Confero S ACT 2021 was first introduced by PT SGMW Motor Indonesia, as the agent for car brand holders in the country in 2019. This type of ACT is a development of Wuling Confero S, which first took the floor in Indonesia.

Entering the Low MPV segment, the only country from China that is able to compete with Japanese-made LMPV, the Wuling Confero S ACT 2021 is offered with a different manual transmission than usual.

Want to get to know more about the advantages of Wuling Confero S ACT 2021? Stay tuned for the reviews.

Changing gears at Wuling Confero S ACT 2021 No Need to step on the clutch

The e-clutch technology in the Auto Clutch Transmission gear box belonging to the Wuling Confero S ACT 2021 is a manual transmission where the clutch is adjusted using a computer.

The presence of the e-Clutch transmission system technology from Schaeffler, a leading German automotive component manufacturer, makes it easy to operate the manual transmission on the Wuling Confero S ACT 2021 without the need to step on the clutch pedal.

With this technology, users will certainly feel more efficient and concentrate more on driving. In this transmission system, the clutch function which is operated via the pedal has been eliminated.

In principle, there are two main parts in the performance of the e-clutch transmission, namely the role of the clutch that is eliminated and the shift of gears. The e-clutch transmission is supported by several vital devices, such as sensors and clutch modules.

Gear shift and sensors work in a continuous manner connected to the Electronic Control Unit. Its function is to read the driver's desire when moving the transmission lever to move the acceleration.

Another sensor reads the engine speed and torque required when shifting gears. The results of these sensors are then read by the module and then the module immediately sends a command to replace the clutch function.

Meanwhile, the gearshift groove is the same as in other Wuling Confero variants. The difference is that the Wuling Confero S ACT 2021 e-clutch transmission gets 6 levels of acceleration.

No need to worry about the engine suddenly shutting down when stuck

Another advantage of this e-clutch transmission is that you don't need to worry if the car engine suddenly turns off during stop and go or forgets to step on the clutch pedal.

You just need to move the transmission lever to neutral, or into first gear to get back on track. This technology certainly provides more convenience when driving.

Wuling Confero S ACT 2021 Save more fuel

Because you don't need to step on the clutch pedal in every shift of acceleration, the Wuling Confero S ACT 2021 with this e-clutch transmission will save more in fuel consumption. This is because the driver does not need to press the gas pedal more deeply when stop and go to compensate for the clutch on a pure manual transmission.

Even though you don't use the clutch pedal to hold the engine speed in order to move the acceleration rate, the power generated by the Wuling Confero S ACT 2021 is as responsive as other Wuling Conferos.

More durable clutch lining

Likewise, the use of a clutch plate or clutch lining, Wuling Confero S ACT 2021 is felt to be more durable. Because the movement is regulated by the sensors on the e-Clutch, this can certainly minimize the use of high levels of clutch lining.

Unlike the usual Wuling Confero, in order to be able to run the car from a stopped position, the driver is required to have a balance between releasing the clutch and adding acceleration.

If it is not balanced, the car engine will die or the engine will roar due to being late in releasing the clutch pedal. This of course can make the clutch plate life shorter.

The price of Wuling Confero S ACT 2021 is quite affordable

Tracing the official website, Wuling Confero S ACT 2021 is priced at IDR 197.5 million on the road in Jakarta. When compared to its competitors such as the Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, Suzuki Ertiga, Mitsubishi Xpander, Nissan Livina and even Honda Mobilio, the LMPV champion of Wuling is offered at the cheapest price among its competitors.

Even though it is priced below its competitors, in fact the Wuling Confero S ACT 2021 gets comfort, safety, technology and entertainment features that can be said to be better than its rivals.

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