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Finally, A Bold Move

The Cybertruck is the Boldest Move in 2019

By Kelly ThompsonPublished 3 years ago 2 min read
The Tesla Cybertruck

Let's start off by calling this angular, Blade Runner-esque creation what it is: a stunning risk by Tesla Motors. Unlike previously released vehicles such as the Model X, Model Y, or Roadster (which kept to a much more conventional and modern automobile shape), the Tesla Cybertruck not only stands out from the rest of the Tesla line-up, but basically every automobile currently in production. The reason? It doesn't really look like the vehicles that are made today. The conventional shape of trucks in today's market looks generally similar: a vehicle that looks strong, typically trading an aerodynamic style for a large cab, with an open truck bed behind. The main feelings behind it are strength and power, giving the impression of a vehicle that is made to work.

The Cybertruck, on the other hand, is different. It is sleek, futuristic, and just plain weird. It looks like a triangular prism stuck on top of a box, with unfamiliar narrow windows and small lights. It looks less like a car you would see on your every day road, but rather from a science fiction movie as part of some futuristic military convoy.

Therein lies my excitement for the Cybertruck. It's different, and it's futuristic.

The Cybertruck's reveal was, by most accounts, somewhat of a disaster. Tests to show the strength of the windows failed spectacularly, and there were claims on social media that the Cybertruck is the ugliest vehicle ever created. Hilarious comparisons were made comparing the Cybertruck to various every-day objects and buildings, or joking that the truck was made in five minutes on simplistic design programs. The jokes will keep coming for a while, but it also will keep the Cybertruck in the forefront of the conversation.

For some vehicle creators, this limelight of ridicule could be unwelcome; there's many examples of vehicles that were released, and were eventually taken out of production due to ridicule from the public. The difference with the Cybertruck is that the wild look was a calculated risk from the creative team at Tesla. I'm sure that they knew that people would make jokes, talk about the bizarre appearance, while keeping it in the realm of popular culture and keeping it at the forefront of conversation.

Since it was released, I've encountered many people who have brought it up, exclaiming their shock at the bold new design. I've had my social media filled with people talking about it, debating the balance between appearance and work. To quote one of my friends online, "Who cares what it looks like? If it is cheaper, and more efficient, than my diesel truck that I already have, do I care what I look like?"

Time will tell how well the Cybertruck sells, and how much it impacts vehicle design going forward. Production isn't expected to start until 2022.

This is a bold move for Tesla. However, I think it will be successfully received, and will challenge auto manufacturers to rethink how they design and sell their vehicles. While today it is the Cybertruck, we can only imagine what tomorrow will hold for vehicle design. Will we continue with the current aesthetic, or will we instead embrace a science-fiction inspired future?


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