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Everything You Need to Know About VIN Engraving

by Jen Hensey 8 days ago in how to

You may have heard about this at your local car dealership, here's all you need to know about engraving your VIN to your car.

Everything You Need to Know About VIN Engraving

VIN number labeling is useful for component traceability, fraud prevention, and many other useful purposes, using many different techniques. These figures have been used for several decades in all forms of cars. However, few people understand the VIN marks' depth in recent years or the relevance of this application in the automotive industry.

Then what are engraving and etching for the VIN number?

Let us find out.

A short VIN summary

A single serial number is normally written on the computer as a protective feature and for authentication and traceability purposes is a VIN number or car identification number. VIN number of car are also referred to as chassis numbers or engine numbers, depending on the region.

The VIN number on car etching and engraving machines are used by car producers, retailers, spare parts vendors, insurance undertakings for cars, and even individuals to print these single codes on different parts of the vehicles. Others introduce additional VIN engraving for preventive protection to dissuade car robberies or help them locate missing cars and components. In contrast, others add VIN number of car engravings to conform with city laws or insurance rules.

Is VIN Engraving a valuable company?

Let's look at some of the reasons why high-quality VIN number of car engraving/etching is ideal for you and your business to invest in an advanced VIN engraving system.

The Robbery Deterrents VIN Engravings Act

Amazingly, one car in the USA alone has been stolen every 43 seconds, and the UN has averaged 68.5 vehicles stolen every 100,000 inhabitants. Engraving your VIN number on car has been one of the most useful crime deterrent solutions.

You will have a strong first-line defense against desired car robberies if you invest in a good VIN engraver that conducts frequent carving or engraving on VIN. According to recent studies, car thieves tend to stay away from vehicles with VIN number on car engravings on windshields or other motor parts.

The use of VIN engraving is so effective that some law enforcement departments have free VIN engraving activities in their districts that the general public will grave their vehicles at no expense. A local police office has offered free VIN number engravings for the people in their jurisdiction.

Here are a few explanations for this;

You cannot easily resell stolen cars.

When a car thief seizes his car, the thief can quickly hide VIN plates or tags. However, it is incredibly difficult to get rid of permanent labeling with a decent VIN number breakdown engraving unit, ensuring that your car cannot be resold fast by the robber. Car robbers dislike this and are sure to give your precious car a large berth as they know that there are noticeable lasting VIN marks inside.

You cannot easily sell the pieces.

The vehicle lights, side mirrors, windshields, and other interchangeable parts are the easiest areas to make engraving. Most auto theft disassembles vehicles into pieces that are then sold for retailing to hardware. It makes your car unattractive to this sort of robber when you mark your car's most retailing components. Many retailers do not purchase replacement pieces of VIN engravings until they are displayed as signs of possession by the vendor.

Law enforcers can quickly trace clearly etched VIN vehicles.

Many have mobile/handheld automatic VIN scanners attached to a central network, anywhere they are, and can recognize a stolen car. For instance, a stolen car.

Encourage VIN engraving insurance providers

Your extensive auto insurance costs are significantly reduced if you apply VIN engravings or etching to your car as a protective option. For protection reasons, insurance firms are the main defenders of VIN number breakdown engraving. Some offer even up to 15 percent concessions on auto insurance policies for drivers of cars and dealers who invest in VIN engraving.

VIN applications for Etching and engraving

There are different ways to incorporating these all-important permanent VIN number breakdown engravings onto your cars, depending on your current setup or condition.

VIN Engine Manufacturers Engraving

In almost all countries, car producers must make their recognition, and comply with international ISO specifications for vehicle manufacturers, at least one permanent VIN engravement on the engine or frame. While this is not a must, some suppliers are introducing safety measures with external VIN labels on other parts of their cars. Carmakers may use automated marking machine for commercial large-scale marking

By investing in high-quality VIN markings that can also lead to serial number generation, producers can achieve better performance and introduce already defined motors/chassis. It is easy to integrate fully automated or semiautomated industrial VIN engraving machines if you are looking for a solution that is high quality and fits your needs.

VIN Car Dealership Labeling

Car dealerships may include VIN custom engraving service as an alternative to or on request as a paid feature. Some businesses offer additional VIN-graving services free of charge, particularly if they have agreed to provide discounts for the car dealership cars with a specific car insurer. This would be an ideal way to advertise your cars and sell them while receiving affiliate money from your partner insurance provider.

Another way to create an additional sales source is to pay for custom VIN engraving at the dealership. Given the value of securing cars with VIN engraving in vehicles, why not sell it as a commodity to your customers and gain a few extra dollars? You should invest in handheld dots or handheld engraving devices, which are ideal for use anywhere in the showroom. To enhance the protection and recognition, use your expertise and experience to educate our guests about VIN engravings because most of them have no hint.

VIN engraving for Individuals – Do it Yourself

VIN engraving machinery is not that difficult to manage, so it requires no advanced preparation or experience. You can order and grave yourself in your workshop with little to no engraving preparation, basic VIN sizing kits, and machinery. This is perfect for those who want to save any coins or professional vehicles who like to make small maintenance on their own.

For companies/companies-VIN safe and identification engraving

The technology can be used when operating the fleet of vehicles in your company and installing a permanent VIN number engraving device to provide an additional protection layer. Managing several, mainly similar, vehicles can be a safety, identity, and even tracking nightmare.

Business vehicles are among the main targets for auto theft since they are typically similar and easy to crack. New criminals have built complicated methods of circumventing and removing costly vehicle surveillance devices that businesses, including car rental companies, are in support of.

It is sometimes good to go through conventional and established methods of protecting the flotilla and stopping vandalism from vandalizing or stealing. Additional VIN number engraving is a perfect way to protect the corporations' vehicles and help the police trace their vehicles when they are in the wrong hands.

To ensure that you the VIN number you’re engraving belongs to your car then we suggest using vinreport.io’s VIN number verification system!

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