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Electric Vehicles: Top 3 Electric-scooters and online second-hand bike on Road Price

by super 20 4 months ago in product review

There are multiple options in the electric-motorbike segment. Check the top 3 electric-scooters and compare the price with different sellers, know the availability of online second-hand bikes near you.

Top 3 electric bikes for sale

There are multiple options in the electric-motorbike segment. Check the top 3 electric-scooters and compare the price with different sellers, know the availability of online second hand bike near you.

A few years ago, it should be impossible to replace a petrol bike with an electric scooter, due to some reasons like performance, versatility and anxiety kept most buyers away from e-motorbike for the most part.

But today the thing is different most of the options beg for your attention, different brands of vehicles are got point in this scenario. Also, there is another option, if you have a low budget you can choose the online second-hand bike of electric. Here the top used bikes electric you can check and buy through a trusted site.

Used Hero Electric Flash

Hero flash

The used Hero electric flash is the second-hand bike to come out of the Chennai-based electric two-wheelers. The used e-bike comes with a brushless DC motor that takes its juice from another lead-acid battery or a sophisticated lithium-ion-battery. While the lead-acid battery takes 6-8 hours for a full charge, the latter takes just 1hr.


• The pre-owned bike comes with 3 different riding modes- Economy, Turbo, and sport.

• While the economy mode is best for riding on 35kmph.

• The sport mode comes with 60kmph and the turbo mode comes with 75 km/h.


For this reason, it makes the fastest electric-motorcycle in India, You can check it anywhere in India like Bhubaneswar, If you are looking for Bhubaneswar, you can find more second-hand bikes in Bhubaneswar and check the price near you.

Used Hero Electric Photon

The Brand-new Hero electric Photon price starting Rs 84,000 in India but if we compare the price with the second hand it’s too cheap and anyone can afford for this. The used hero electric photon available in 2 variants and 3 colors, top variant starting from Rs 85,225.

The second hand bike price of hero electric photon in Bhubaneswar starting at Rs 26000 and you can check many varieties of modified bikes and e-scooter for sale. There are many platforms of used bikes for sale. Check the verified site and price.


• The photon comes with the motor, which generates a max power of 1500w.

• It comes with an electric controller that is responsible for torque.

• It has 2-modes of riding, Eco, and power.

• The photon has a top speed measured at 45 km.

• It comes with 65 km/h in Eco mode and 85 km/h in power mode.

Used Hero Electric Nyx

The Used Hero Electric Nyx comes with 25kmph of top speed. The battery is getting 6 hours for a full charge. It can travel up to 60kmph in a single charge. Are you looking to purchase this bike? Buy second-hand bike online of electricity and save much money and make your society pollution free.


• Its engine comes with Electric with DC motor.

• The maximum range is 100km in a single charge.

• The battery type is Lithium-ion.

• Kerb weight is 87 kg.

• The Hero Electric Nyx has alloy wheels.

• It has a self-started switch to start the used vehicle.

For more you can check the site like cifiyah, if you are staying at Bangalore you can check the price of second hand bike online like Second hand cruze in Bangalore. Here you can buy or sell your cars and bikes if you want.

There are more than 10000s of sites you need to verify the site before buying or selling anything because all online sites are not perfect.

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