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Don't Text and Drive

Texting while driving can have life threatening consequences.

By Janelle OuelletPublished 5 years ago 4 min read
Don't Text and Drive 

We have all heard the the slogan, "Don't Drink and Drive." The same idea should also apply to those who have the urge to send a text message while driving on the open road as well. Operating a cellular phone whilst driving has only been banned in a few states across America. In 2015, states like California New Jersey and Hawaii has all seen this ban come into effect. This ban has also been in effect across various cities in North America as well. This ban came into effect due to a significant increase in the number of motor vehicle fatalities that were directly caused due to texting while driving. Studies have shown that being distracted while texting and driving is actually more dangerous than getting behind the wheel after you have been drinking. That being said, there should be a ban on texting while driving in all states across America and every city in North America as well. Next time you get behind the wheel, do yourself and others on the road a favor. Leaving your phone in the back seat in case you need to pull over to make a call in case of an emergency. If you do have the urge to send someone an email or text while you're out and about cruising, leave your cellphone at home. Taking this into consideration, will save you and others a lot of grief and misery. Above all else, refraining from using your cellphone while you're behind the wheel can save lives. Including your own. Please don't text and drive.

This is what will happen if you text while driving

Things can get life-threatening for you and others when you are texting and driving

When you text or email while driving, many things can go wrong in a split second. If you're holding and typing on your phone with one hand and trying to safely navigate the steering wheel with the other, this is when things get very ugly and faster than you realize. Even if you just look down at your phone for one second to see if a text message went through, your one hand may be securely on the steering wheel but your eyes are not focused on the road. Behind, to the right or left or in front of you. If you are not giving your undivided attention to safety getting from point A to point B; this can result in a head on collision. If you need to make any quick decisions due to another drivers incompentence, your cognitive functions also become compromised because at that moment, you're wondering if anyone has sent you a text message or email, when you should be prepared to dodge a car swerving in your direction. If you are texting while driving, in one split second, you and your car can end up in a ditch or worse yet you can risk hitting and killing a pedestrian or getting into a life-threatening collision with another vehicle. This is why it is never a good idea to text and drive. Statistics estimate that over the last year alone more than three thousand individuals mostly teenagers, were involved in life- threatening collisions because they were texting and emailing while driving on the open road. Unfortunately in some cases, there were also a few reported cases of alcohol intoxication. Texting while driving is bad enough. As soon as you throw alcohol into the equation, it's inevitably clear that car accidents double in numbers and countless lives are comprised or gone. Avoid throwing caution to the wind. Use common sense every time you drive. The consequences of not doing so, will destroy the lives of others not to mention your own.

A reckless driving charge can follow you around for a very long time.

A reckless driving change can follow you around for a very long time

No one ever wants to see in the inside of a courtroom and appear before a judge due to a reckless driving offence. If you are caught texting and driving behind the wheel, you could be fined anywhere from twenty to five hundred dollars. Your drivers license can also be confiscated not to mention hefty penalties with insurance companies. Worse case scenario if you end up seriously injuring yourself and killing someone else due to your own negligence, you could face a lawsuit by the victim and their family. Even if texting and driving is your first criminal offense, the judge may provide a lighter sentence of probation instead of incarnation. Bottom line, if you end up killing or seriously injuring someone else and you walk away with only a slap on the wrist and few scraps and bruises; You will have to live with the knowledge that you put an innocent human being in a wheelchair or under the ground for the rest of your life. I'm sure this is not something that you need on your conscience for the rest of your life. Please think twice before you text and drive.

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