Creative Car Pranks to Trick Your Friends

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Hilarious Car Pranks

Creative Car Pranks to Trick Your Friends

If you consider yourself a prankster, then maybe you’ve heard of these pranks before. If not, you’re welcome. Keep in mind, though, that only true friendships can stand the test of practical jokes and in that case, only even truer friendships will survive pranks on vehicles. If you’re going to pull a prank on your best friend’s car, then consider your options carefully and proceed with caution.

Cheap Antics For The Exterior

A couple of inexpensive ways to prank someone’s car just really require cheap materials and a little elbow grease. Some popular options involve things like sticky notes or gag items, but with a quick internet search or a few small purchases, you can go all out.

What do sticky notes and practical jokes have to do with one another? Oh, the possibilities are endless. If you’re pranking a loved one, you can just cover their windows in love notes. Sure, it takes a long time to write on each note, but your loved one is sure to get the message. If you have some extra time, cover the entire car — every inch. From hubcaps to windshield wipers to antenna; just cover that thing from bumper to bumper. You can even get creative with this and create patterns or fancy designs. Just make sure you’ve got enough materials and plenty of time.

The next time you need some hilarious pranks to play on your friend's car, try an exhaust whistle. In order to buy one, you may need to do a little searching. You can find them online the easiest, but sometimes you can find one in a joke shop or even an automotive store. Not only is it super cheap and superficial, but it’s also a pretty great way to get back at your car-obsessed buddies. Almost obscenely easy to install, all you need to do is buy the “whistle” and place it in the tailpipe. It’s completely harmless, but your friends will be scratching their heads as to why their car is making such a terrible squealing sound. Is it a belt? Is it the engine? Nope, it’s your exhaust!

Messin’ With the Interior

A quick way to mess with someone when you have access to their car is to change all of their settings. If it’s summer, crank the heat all the way up and put it on full blast. Vice versa in the winter. If you can turn on the car, then pick a random station on the radio, preferably one your friend hates, and then turn the speakers way, way up. Next scoot the driver seat all the way back and bonus points if you readjust all the mirrors and the steering wheel. It’ll take you two to three minutes tops to cause all this mischief, but the annoyance level from your friend will reach new heights.

Turn that car into a giant ball pit. Well, a ball pit that hasn’t had toddlers in it; and certainly one more sanitary than those at an amusement park. But, how does one accomplish this? Pick a target that has a sunroof or moonroof that you have access to. Some of the most popular cars in America have easily accessible sunroofs. If you’ve got the keys, or your friend just left that window open, feel free to dump all those ball pit balls in there. Where do you find those, you ask? The internet, of course.

Should You Do It?

Are these pranks inconvenient for the receiver? Oh absolutely, but it’ll be hilarious for you and everyone else around. The next question you should ask is should you pull these pranks? That’s entirely up to you and how strong your friendship is as mentioned before. However, if you do pull these pranks, keep the video mode on your phone handy in case you get a really good response. Maybe it’ll go viral and the internet will thank you.

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