Could Electric Cars Show You the Money?

by Sasha McGregor 11 months ago in electric

Electric vehicles have more benefits than helping the environment

Could Electric Cars Show You the Money?

With the rising cost of gasoline, more people than ever are turning to vehicles that use alternative sources of fuel. The advanced technology and improved efficiency of electric batteries have occurred at just the right time. Many feel that there has never been a better time than the present to look into buying an electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Credit

But is an electric car for you? Actually, an electric car that solely uses battery power can qualify you for a federal tax credit of $7,500. This is not an automatic rebate.

You have to apply for it when you file your taxes. A form must be filled out. It is the IRS Form 8936, which you submit with your return. You will receive the tax incentive on your next year's tax return. There is no certainty that this credit will last so it is wise to take advantage of it now.

Cheap to Run

An electric car will save you many tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the vehicle. This is because it costs much less to power an electric vehicle than it takes to fuel one that runs on petroleum.

Easy to Maintain

An electric vehicle uses a battery, which has less moving parts than a petroleum or diesel car. This means less expense in repairs, because there is no exhaust system, radiator, or other parts that conventional vehicles require.

Environmentally Healthy

Electric cars are more green-friendly than petroleum or diesel cars. Even if the electricity used to charge up an electric vehicle comes from a power plant that uses fossil fuels, the CO2 emissions coming out of an electric vehicle are much lower. A solar ev charger can reduce even more emissions if you use the solar PV system.

Good for Your Personal Health

It has been known for years that carbon emissions do more than make the sky black. They are the culprit in a host of deadly diseases, including cancer, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. Electric vehicles do not emit harmful gases, and are much healthier for our bodies.

Electric vehicles are now being made with more eco-friendly materials, such as recycled plastic bags, old car parts, and water bottles. This move toward more green-inspired production is giving electric vehicles a huge advantage over cars made to run on fossil fuels.

Air pollution is not the only advantage of electric vehicles. They also run quieter than gasoline and diesel cars. This reduces the overall noise pollution in our environment.

Electric Vehicles are Safer

Electric vehicles can also reduce the risk of explosions and fires. Gasoline is an extremely flammable fluid that can leak, endangering the vehicle and passengers, in the event of a major collision. Also, the construction of most electric vehicles gives them a safer, more durable form that could make them more secure.

Simple to Power

An electric vehicle only takes around 40-50 minutes to charge up. You can just plug it in at home or work, and go about your business. There are no smelly, messy fluids to get on your hands.

Energy Security

Our greatest decisions tend to be the ones we make for those who will live after us. We owe it to our children to leave this planet at least as safe as we entered it. If we do nothing else, investing in a vehicle that reduces our carbon footprint on the environment is something that we all need to seriously consider. The benefits will last for years to come.

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