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car review on subaru brz

by David Thompson 13 days ago in industry

brz sti

As the most interesting little sports car for young car fans, Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86, which were just released last month, have appeared in the Japanese Super GT race scene recently! This time, Subaru also brought a new generation of BRZ STI with STI sports kit for preview. Compared to the regular version of BRZ, this time, the STI division of Subaru replaced the BRZ STI with a set of STI's own exhaust liner, and with an exaggerated carbon fiber tail fin, the overall look is more fighting.

According to the photos of BRZ STI this time, the STI department of Subaru has created an STI exclusive sports kit for the new generation of BRZ, including the front lip, small side skirt, and the aerodynamic kit composed of the rear bumper wrap Angle, and the wing panels on both sides also have more exaggerated style of air guide panels. But the most prominent feature is the carbon fiber GT tail mounted on the rear, which has the flavor of previous STI performance cars.

Of course, the STI version of the BRZ is no frills. In addition to a more combat-looking kit, the STI department has upgraded the chassis of the BRZ STI, including a completely new exhaust system. In addition to the crucial walking system, BRZ STI changed into an 18-inch five-frame bronze BBS RI-A lightweight wheel with Michelin Pilot Sport performance tires of 215/40R18, the BRZ STI on display on the scene was equipped with stronger springs. The low body was lowered by a further 10 mm, and the front and rear STI rods were installed to further improve handling performance.

In terms of power, although no official numbers have been given, STI will definitely upgrade it in the future. For reference, the next-generation BRZ is powered by a 2.4L horizontally opposite engine codenamed FA24, capable of producing a maximum horsepower of 230 HP and a maximum torque of 249 N·M. With a six-speed self-displacement and optional manual transmission, the BRZ can reach 100 in just 6.3 seconds, which is an overall improvement over the previous BRZ.

Just according to the "coffee law", Subaru may not introduce BRZ, domestic players can only look forward to Toyota GR86, but STI provided by the modified ideas can still be applied to the future imported into China GR86. Guys, what do you think of Subaru's new BRZ STI?

The difference between Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ

1. First of all, the two same models are produced by Subaru, but the training is somewhat different;

2, However, the 86 is easier to tail off, and the modified up on the track running situation is more cool;

3. Although these two cars are like sisters, in my opinion, Toyota is much better than BRZ in terms of after-sales service.

What's the difference between Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ? The main differences between the Toyota 86 and the Subaru BRZ are in appearance, suspension and interior.

The price difference between the Toyota 86 and the Subaru BRZ is similar. The official price of the Toyota 86 is from 277,800 to 287,800, while the official price of the Subaru BRZ is from 273,800 to 283,800. Both models come from the same platform and use the front and rear drive drive mode.

The biggest difference between the two cars in appearance is the front face of the grille. Toyota 86 uses a mesh grille, while Subaru BRZ uses a horizontal grille. The two cars have the same configuration in terms of the light set, while the two cars use LED light set, but the fog light configuration is different.

In terms of suspension, Toyota 86 uses the front McPherson type independent suspension, the rear multi-link type independent suspension, Subaru BRZ uses the front McPherson type independent suspension, the rear double-fork crosswirm type independent suspension, Toyota 86 is more suitable for mountain road, Subaru BRZ is more suitable for the track.

In terms of interior, the color of the dashboard backlight of the two cars is different, 86 is white and BRZ is orange. In addition to the lighting, the interior layout is almost the same. Many car owners are most famous for the two cars or Toyota 86, and many car owners have indelible feelings for this car.

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