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Car Maintenance Tips While Traveling to Europe

by Jim Hughes 2 years ago in travel

Tips for Your Car Trip

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The best time to visit Rome and other popular destinations in Europe is between September and November, and April to May when there are fewer crowds, and the days are bright and sunny. And in fine weather such as this, the best way to explore the continent is by taking a road trip.

Whether you are taking your car or flying there and renting one, make sure to follow these car maintenance tips for a smooth and enjoyable ride:

Test the Car Battery

Most people pay a lot of attention to their car engines but forget about another important thing – the car battery. Check if there’s corrosion and if the positive and negative leads are tight. Corroded or loose terminals can cause so many troubles, including electric power steering problems and a no-start.

Check Your Brakes

If you’re going on an extended trip in Europe, ensure that your brakes are on top shape. Replace the brake pads if needed. You should also get your brakes inspected and have all the necessary corrections done before embarking on your adventure.

Change the oil before checking out museums in Rome.

Did you know that there are 83 museums in Rome? Yes, that’s a lot. And if you plan to check them out (or at least a few of them), you want to make sure that your car is in its top shape. Another thing many car owners neglect to do is change the oil. Note that if the oil burns off and the level gets too low, your car will not run at all.

Check Your Tires as Well

If you wish to take a selfie at some of the best museums in Rome, including The Vatican Museums, Palazzo Doria Pamphili, and The Colosseum, you need a good pair of tires. If the tread is getting low, you should consider investing in a new set of tires. You should also check for nicks and punctures and whether your tires have sufficient air.

Get Your Car Hydrated

While engine oil is the most important fluid in your car, you should also top up the other fluids, such as the power steering fluid, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and engine coolant. Getting the fluids in your vehicle all topped up is an easy and expensive way to keep your vehicle running smoothly as you explore Rome art museums and other destinations.

Test the Car

Especially if you are renting one. Head for a quick drive up the local freeway to check for any issues, such as misalignment, bad wheel bearing, bad fluid, worn CV joints, corroded terminals, a dying alternator, etc.

Check Your Headlights

Well-functioning headlights will keep you safe on the road, whether you are driving during the day or at night. Always check your headlights to make sure all bulbs are working and none of them are dim. You must also wipe off the dirt from the plastic covers.

Install GPS

You are navigating a new destination. Thus, you need a reliable global positioning system (GPS) in your car. Gone are the days when you have to unfold a massive map. All you need to do is punch an address into your GPS and take directions from there.

Don’t Forget Your Entertainment

What’s a road trip without music? Exploring Rome via car is such an amazing experience. Surely, you will be amused by the scenery. But your passengers might get bored along the way too (especially your little ones). Prepare your favorite playlist and make sure to have enough to last hours of travel time. Don’t forget to check your car’s audio.

There you go – some great car maintenance tips to make your Europe escapade fun, safe, and memorable.

Happy traveling!

Jim Hughes
Jim Hughes
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