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Car Key Duplication

refers to manufacturing a new key

By fayzakPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

When it comes to car key duplication, all is based on the already existing and working key. There are different ways of cutting keys but in duplication; all are with respect to the existing key. It is a better way to get a copy of a spare key. The advantage in this is that there is no need to retrieve the key code from the vehicle documentation. This is due to the fact that there is a good understanding of car ownership. In the process, a working key is inserted into a key cutting machine with the blank key. The information on the working key is then copied to the blank key. In this process, you will have a copy key which is duplicate to the original key. The process will depend on the type of machine used. Also, the model of the automobile will dictate the type of machine to be used.

Car key duplication refers to manufacturing a new key by using the original key; both these keys open the same lock.

Advantages of duplicate keys:

1- You save lock-smith fees

2- You do not need to worry about losing the original key

3- Your car remains intact, because if you have one key and it is lost, your car may be damaged in the un-locking operation.

Car Key Duplicator Machines:-

The type of machine used in the process of duplication dictates, the method used in the process, the time taken for the process, and the cost of the duplication. The amount of skills required for duplication of the key is as well a requirement when determining the type of the machine. A more automated car needs high skills and hence the cost of duplication and the machine may be high. There are two types of key duplication machines

1- Traditional Key Caters:-

This machine can be used to cut a key that has to bite on either side of the blade. The machines work by fixing the working key in place and the code scanned then it is removed. The blank key can then be put in place and the copied code be paste on the blank key. The information in the original key can then be duplicated on the blank key. But if the machine is too manual, then the keys will be placed on different slots. The blank key slot is lined up with the cutting blade and the working key positioned with the alignment tool. The blank key can then be cut. The blank key is then changed to cut the mother si8de as the original key remains the same. This is because; the blank key should have the same cutting on both sides.

2- Laser Key Cutters:-

The keys cut using this machine will have to bite at the sides. The machine does not use the laser as it sounds but uses a hardened steel router blade. The blade is used to trace the path on the sliding keys. The machine automation may work similarly to the traditional key-cutter but maybe more automated than the traditional key cutter. The needs of an exact slider key have led to the investment of automatic laser cutters. However, there are some incidences where the duplicate keys may not work. This depends on the duplicator. Failure to meet the needs for the duplication leads to the wrong duplication and hence wrong copy. The mistakes may arise from; inexperienced person, poor placement of the key, inconsistent pressure as well as improper calibration of the machine. It is therefore important to get the best and experienced duplicator for an exact duplication.

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