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BMW's new 7 Series launched

The first large luxury sedan produced by BMW

By Marl GorePublished 6 months ago 5 min read
BMW's new 7 Series launched
Photo by Arteum.ro on Unsplash

BMW's flagship model, the new 7 Series, is officially launched with two engines, 3.0T and 4.4T, and a total of four models.

Introduction of the new car features

The new BMW 7 Series launched this time is the 6th generation of the series, and its appearance does not change radically compared with the previous generation codenamed F02 (long-wheelbase version). But the new car has stiffer lines, a larger signature double-kidney grille, and further elongated open-eye headlights. For models equipped with laser headlights, you can also see the blue light guide in the center of the lights. At the rear, horizontal chrome trim is incorporated between the taillights and in the rear bumper, providing a strong sense of hierarchy.

Inside, the design of the new 7 Series still retains a strong BMW style, with a center console tilted to the driver's side and a huge LCD above the center console that can be controlled through gestures. The steering wheel of the new car also adopts a new style, and the instrument panel behind the steering wheel will change the style and color of the display with different driving modes.

But as a key replacement model, the new BMW 7 Series has many more changes, mainly in terms of configuration. The new 7 Series is equipped with a new i Drive system, wireless charging touch key, flat-screen display system, 3D hologram system, starry sky panoramic sunroof, and other technology-rich features.

Another highlight of the new 7 Series is the new driver assistance system, which includes features such as lane departure warning with active side collision protection, rear-end collision prevention and cross-traffic alert, and adaptive cruise control with auto start/stop and lane keeping system.

The new 7 Series adopts a lightweight design in the body and uses carbon fiber composites in many parts, which not only lowers the vehicle's center of gravity but also makes the new 7 Series 130 kilograms lighter overall than the old model, equivalent to the weight of two adults.

In the power section, the BMW 740Li model is equipped with a 3.0T inline six-cylinder engine, which has a maximum power of 326 hp and a peak torque of 450 NM; the BMW 750Li model is equipped with a 4.4T V8 engine, which has a maximum power of 450 hp and a peak torque of 650 NM. In the transmission system, the engine is matched with 8-speed manual transmission, and the 750Li model will be equipped with a full-time four-wheel drive system.

In addition, according to the official disclosure of BMW, the 0-100km/h acceleration time of the BMW 740Li is 5.6 seconds, while the 750Li x Drive model can "break 100" in 4.5 seconds; in terms of fuel consumption, the 740Li has an average fuel consumption of 7.5 liters per 100km, while the 750Li x Drive model has an average fuel consumption of 9.4 liters per 100km. The average fuel consumption of the 740Li is 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers and the 750Li x Drive model is 9.4 liters.

How does the new 7 Series ride?

First, let's start with the space. A 176cm tall person in the driver's seat has one fist of headroom. In the back, with the front row in the same position, passengers have four fingers of headroom and more than two fists of knee space.

The new 7 Series front seats are satisfying in style and leather, and the front seats are richly equipped with massage and memory functions. For the rear, it is equipped with a heated door/center armrest, passenger rear side folding table, Blu-ray player, and optional car refrigerator.

Impressively, the new 7 Series also offers a 7-inch tablet computer in the rear for wireless operation of many functions. At the same time, we can see that it uses similar headrests as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which the editors had a special experience with at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and the comfort level is great. Finally, the right rear seat can also be transformed into an executive seat, giving passengers here more legroom and a better ride.

How does the new 7 Series drive?

In September, editor Hong Qi already test-drove the new BMW 7 Series, and he test-drove the 750Li x Drive model with the 4.4T V8 engine.

In the article, he described that: the electro-mechanical power steering system is light at low speeds and the throttle response is very responsive, the integral active steering system (also called four-wheel steering) appears on the 7 Series for the first time together with the BMW x Drive all-wheel drive system, and the 7 Series with a length of over 5.2 meters does not feel bulky at all when driving in the city.

The air suspension has an obvious effect on comfort, and when driving on the undulating and curvy Portuguese highway, the new 7 Series can filter the road bumps and maintain sufficient support for the suspension at high speed, and the body roll is well controlled. The low wind resistance is also beneficial to the reduction of wind turbulence, and the driving quietness is excellent.

Competitive models

There is no doubt that the competition for the new BMW 7 Series will be locked on models such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Audi A8L. For the characteristics of these three cars, the editors believe that Mercedes-Benz and BMW each represent two directions: Mercedes-Benz pays more attention to comfort, and BMW is a unique technology, while for Audi A8L, it is between the two, a lot more moderate.

New car background

The first generation of the BMW 7 Series was launched in May 1977, and it was the first large luxury sedan produced by BMW. In the nearly four decades since then, the BMW 7 Series has also been launched for four generations. By the sixth generation, the BMW 7 Series has established its brand image as the main high-tech attribute in the luxury brand large car market. Until now, the BMW 7 Series is still produced in its only birthplace, the Dingolfing plant in Germany, to guarantee its original BMW style and to demonstrate its unshakeable flagship status.

Full Summary

The exterior and interior of the BMW 7 Series do not make the consumer's eyes shine, but the most attractive features are the high-tech configuration that is armed to the teeth while maintaining the high quality of driving experience that this class of car should have. Finally, BMW also equipped this car with 3.0T and 4.4T power, so this car also has a good performance in terms of performance.

From the current sales, the BMW 7 Series and Audi A8L sales are the same, but the BMW 7 Series has a small disadvantage. The new 7 Series is listed, with a new design and more high-tech configuration, I believe it is easy to surpass the earlier Audi A8L in terms of sales, but in the face of the class dominant Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the new 7 Series to complete the transcendence, I believe it is not easy.

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