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BMW's flagship pure electric SUV iX launched

The new car is positioned as a mid-size SUV

By JabbPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Recently, BMW officially said that the flagship pure electric SUV iX will be officially launched in China in the second half of this year. The new car is located in the mid-sized SUV, is the first model built on the new pure electric platform, power based on the fifth generation of e Drive technology, can generate a maximum power of 3523 PS, and can achieve a pure electric range of 630 km. In addition, the new vehicle currently starts at $83,200 overseas.

On the exterior, the new car incorporates BMW's strong design capabilities and brand image features, and the future-oriented design combines new energy elements with mass production, while the large "double kidney" center grille is no longer open, but it still creates the most classic look by spreading irregular diamond-shaped elements. The radar sensors required for the intelligent driver assistance system are integrated inside the grille.

The matrix LED headlights, which are standard on both sides, always look like something is missing, but the new dual-bar daytime running lights seem to have more flavor than the "angel eyes"; and the new light clusters also support "hidden mode", the modules are visible only when the headlights are turned on. The new light clusters also support a "hidden mode" in which the modules are visible only when the headlights are turned on, and each headlight unit also has an integrated fixture that can jointly produce near and far light. In addition, the latest generation of BMW Laserlight is available as an option, with a new selective beam matrix function that increases the visibility range while avoiding over-illumination.

On the side, the short front/long body ratio makes this BMW say goodbye to its fuel car self and usher in a more reasonable layout in the new energy era; while the simple waistline, hidden door handles, blue trim strips, the new suspended D-pillar design, and the wide wheel brows tell you that this is the new BMW. The new car is equipped with more efficient aerodynamic kits in the front and rear surrounds, side skirts, and exterior mirrors, thus giving the car a wind resistance coefficient of only 0.25. It is worth mentioning that the new car also introduces carbon fiber on top of the aluminum frame for the first time, which not only ensures the structural strength of the car but also further reduces the overall mass of the car. The frameless doors are the first time they have appeared on a mid-size BMW SUV, and this design not only has a smoother appearance but also provides a contrast to the high-gloss black trimmed B-pillar.

In addition, the mirrors on the iX feature an innovative design that helps reduce wind noise and optimize aerodynamics and all-round visibility; the mirror base is fixed right at the lower edge of the side window glass frame, thus eliminating the need for the classic mirror triangle at the front of the side window glass; and the mirror's slim geometry and precisely positioned air lip enhance the aeroacoustics.

In terms of dimensions, although no specific figures have been released, officials say the iX rivals the X5 in length and width and are almost the same height as the X6, but with oversized wheels that will remind you of the X7. And speaking of wheels, the new car comes standard with aerodynamically optimized 20-inch light-alloy wheels with mostly closed surfaces that effectively reduce air turbulence around the wheels, while reducing weight by about 15 The wheels are also available in 21-inch and 22-inch sizes with low wind resistance as an option.

Coming to the rear, the modern minimalist design produces an expressive appearance, especially highlighting the iX's wide stature; while the minimalist design brings a small number of connecting points and feature lines, exuding a refined atmosphere; the narrow LED taillights echoing the headlights are equally stunning, shaped like side wings, while the three-dimensional design inside the light cavity makes them highly recognizable. In addition, the reversing lights and rear fog lights are located in the blue trim of the rear apron together with the reflectors, while an auxiliary lighting unit is located at the edge beyond the tailgate opening to ensure that the relevant lighting signals remain visible when the tailgate is open.

For intelligent assisted driving, the iX has a total of six cameras, including panoramic cameras mounted at the front and rear of the vehicle and on the exterior mirrors on both sides, a front view camera mounted behind the front windshield, and an augmented reality camera; various sensors mounted in the front grille and forward-facing radar also provide good hardware support for the vehicle's driving assistance functions.

Inside, the BMW iX (Ask Price|Check Availability) is a good interpretation of how to blend luxury and modernity. The slim center console shows an unprecedented sense of modernity and spaciousness, then wrapped in blue and gray Sensatec material, with a large number of geometric gold metallic accents to bring users a new experience; and the hexagonal steering wheel seems to further break the mold.

In addition, the innovative curved widescreen entertainment system combines 12.3-inch full LCD instrumentation and 14.9-inch center screen into one, with about 50% fewer buttons than before and the latest iDrive system embedded; however, the most valuable thing is that the physical knob made of crystal is still retained while supporting the touch screen.

The latest generation of HUD flat-screen display is the first frameless design, which can now be flush mounted on the surface of the dashboard compared to the previous recessed design of the center console; and the supported displays include: real-time speed, effective speed limit, messages, a status indication of a driver assistance system, detailed navigation guide from Apple Car Play, and phone and entertainment information list.

In terms of technology configuration, the new vehicle features the BMW Group's new generation digital architecture and sensor system with 20 times the data processing capacity of current vehicles, while the amount of data from vehicle sensors can be approximately doubled in real-time. The new vehicle also supports 5G technology for the first time, which can provide richer Internet functions.

In terms of power, the BMW iX is divided into two models: xDrive 40 and xDrive 50. xDrive 40 has a combined maximum power of 326 PS and peak torque of 630 N-m with dual front and rear motors, accelerating from 0-100km/h in 6.1s, with a matching battery of 71 kWh, enabling a pure electric range of 425 km (WLTP standard); and The xDrive 50 has a combined maximum power of 523 PS, peak torque of 765 N-m, 0-100km/h acceleration of 4.6 s, and a matching battery of 105.2 kWh, enabling a pure electric range of 630 km (WLTP standard).

At the same time, BMW also said that the M60 model to be launched next year will reach a maximum power of 600 PS.

On the charging system, the new car supports 200 kW DC fast charging, which can charge from 10% to 80% in 40 minutes, or get a 120km range in 10 minutes. In addition, the new car also provides 11 kW standard AC charging, which can take less than 11 hours to charge from 0% to 100%.

It is worth noting that the iX contains batteries that are part of a long-term resource cycle that allows for extremely high recycling rates and can be recycled for future production of battery cells and entire high-voltage batteries.


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