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BMW- 5 Series: 5 coolest Facts you must know

5 Coolest Fact about BMW 5

By Manjit Kishore VermaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
BMW- 5 Series: 5 coolest Facts you must know
Photo by Daniele Buso on Unsplash

Since BMW has launched its seventh-generation 5 series in India back in mid-2017, it has not given any kind of change in terms of design or equipment since then. We have unveiled a facelifted model of the car last year internationally that is expected to be launched in India by mid-2021. The price of the current 5 series model starts from 55.99 lakh INR may vary up to 69.07 lakh INR(ex-showroom).

Specifications and Details

By Malusi Msomi on Unsplash

Looking at the various specifications, the 5 series uses BMW’s Cluster Architecture Platform that was first introduced with the 7th Series. Additionally, the exterior design of the car hasn’t changed for a long time except for a few minute upgrades, The 5th Series has BMW’s adaptive headlights that connect to the Signature kidney grille, Moreover, it gets reworked 17-inch alloy wheels as well.

Furthermore, BMW is offering two different colors, upholstery choices with the high-end models-Canberra Beige along with Black. Coming up with 10.25-in the infotainment screen supporting gesture control, a rear-view camera along with smartphone connectivity. Along with a wireless charging pad as well.

The BMW 5 series is currently available in four different trim options, starting from 530i Sport, 520d luxury line, 530d M Sport, and 530i M Sport. India-bound facelifted 5 series will have a refreshed front and rear design.

There are possibilities that BMW may launch a hybrid of the mid-sized sedan as well. The 5 Series now competes against the all-new Mercedes-Bens E-class as well as the brand new Audi A6.

5 coolest Facts you must know about BMW 5 Series

1: Even More to Drive

By Rodan Can on Unsplash

The seventh-generation 5 Series BMW is considered as the super-sportier than ever, claimed by the BMW itself, pointing towards its lightweight construction. It will slash a notable 100kg from the overall mass of its predecessor.

A benchmark car combined with a host of chassis options including active steering along with xDrive all-wheel-drive system must ensure it’s still the handling benchmark in its class. Moreover the colour of the BMW 5th Series is loved across the nation and surely a major reason for the massive sale.

2: It will be more aerodynamic than ever

However, managing with nearly 5.0-meter length, the new 5th Series BMW will boast a coefficient of drag of just 0.22, which MBW says is the best in class. Against Audi’s new A4 claims a CD of 0.23. This will help improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, along with the most powerful at launch 540i promising a fuel economy of 6.5 liters per 100km. Coming up with different specification, BMW seventh generation is loved across the world.

3: Consist of semi-autonomous driving capability

When it comes to one of its biggest selling models in India, Those are the buzzwords so clearly, BMW is not going to be left behind. The brand new 5 Series will have to power to accelerate, brake, and steer in what BMW calls “monotonous driving conditions”.

Although, the saloon will be able to do this at speeds up to 210kmo from stillstand.

4. Gesture control is making an edge

Coming with the latest version of the BMWs iDrive system along with a new 10,25inch high-resolution screen, the 5th series will feature all of these. Via using the voice commands as well as gestures, drivers of the 5th Series will able to control a variety of features. With the new full-color head-up display, the drivers will have a 70 percent larger projection area.

5: Consist of more powerful than before

During the launch, 530i along with 540i petrol variants will be available making the 252bhp along with 340bhp respectively. The former will get a four-cylinder turbo unit, while the latter will pack a turbo inline-six. A V8- engine M550i all-wheel-drive version with 462bhp and 650Nm will be added to the line-up later, The new 5 series will start selling globally from February 2017.

Here are the top 5 coolest facts about the BMW seventh generation 5th series model. The model is loved across the world for its wonderful color and specifications.

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