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Best Snow Tires to Get You Through the Winter

Don't get stuck in the snow, make sure you have the best snow tires.

By Greg JosephPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

The winter season can be a dangerous time for a car, and snow tires are an absolute must-have when the winter weather hits. Not having snow tires, or not having the best snow tires, can mean a matter of life or death in wet conditions. Get into the habit of buying snow tires every year and buy one of the best snow tires to get you through the winter.

Every year, General Tire is in close contention with the big name tire brands, Michelin and Bridgestone, when it comes to dedicated winter tires. The Altimax Arctic Tire consistently tests well in both snow and wet conditions. This tire's directional tread pattern pushes water to the outer edges, making it ideal for the wintry mix weather.

While Goodyear traditionally has some of the more expensive tires on the market, the Ultragrip Winter Tire I priced with the rest of the competition for budget-friendly winter tires. Goodyear is always at the top when it comes to all-weather traction, and these tires are great at keeping road noise to a minimum.

The Winterforce tires from Firestone have been one the company's best selling tires for years. These tires are widely used and appreciated by customers, with most coming back to Firestone every year when they need the best snow tires.

Prior to this year, it was impossible to find smaller models of this tire for under $100. Bridgestone took that into consideration, found a way to cut costs, and here it is. The Blizzak has long been one of the top performers in winter tires, especially when it came to a performance/cost comparison, and now it comes in at a more affordable price.

Albeit a lesser competitor in terms of brand name, Nitto's NTSN2 is certainly not lesser when it comes to quality. These tires have a phenomenal grip thanks to a strong rubber compound. These tires aren't as strong in drier conditions, but why would you use winter tires in the spring?

The Graspic DS-3 utilizes a block-like tread pattern which makes it excellent at biting down for traction. Although these tires are made of relatively soft rubber, they manage to last through a healthy number of miles before requiring replacement, which still makes this one of the best snow tires available.

This light-truck SUV tire is a great all-around winter tire at an affordable price. Big block-like treads help your car trek through deep snows, and wide grooves should prevent hydroplaning in most situations. These tires are ideal for those living in areas with exceptionally snowy winters, as well as those that hate overly noisy winter tires.

Falken is definitely known as one of the leading brands in performance tires, and despite past struggles in the winter tire industry, the Espia EPZ is one of the best snow tires on the market. This tire handles snow and ice equally well and has a surprisingly long lifespan without hurting its ability to handle dry conditions.

A Singapore based company,GT Radial has been making a name for itself in the North American tire market over the last five years. Despite not being as popular in the United States, GT radial is the preferred tire for General Motors, BMW, Mercedes Benz and other leaders in a variety of global markets. The price indicates these might not be the best tires on the market, but you're far better off using the Champiro IcePro than all-season tires.

Made with the intention of driving your performance and sports car year-round, this tire is one of the best snow tires available. An aggressive directional tread pattern provides excellent grip on wet and slippery conditions, while still being able to handle snow and ice. Combining these features with the ability to be studded, you can get yourself out of just about any situation.

Cars are interesting pieces of machinery and need to be cared for properly, especially in the winter. Having the right tires is very important, so don't settle for anything less than the best snow tires.

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