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Best Muscle Car Movies

From 'Dazed and Confused' to 'The Fast and the Furious,' we're scoping the best muscle car movies ever made.

By Stephen HamiltonPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

Muscle cars are not only some small sliver of Americana that just belongs in car shows. They are an inspiration for anyone who really appreciates good engineering, speed, or just really awesome racing gear.

Hollywood is one of the many, many places where muscle cars have made a huge impact. In fact, they have inspired many movie producers to make movies that focus on them, flaunt them, or feature them in cool racing scenes.

If you love hearing the roar of the engine, these are the best muscle car movies to watch the next time you declare movie night.

One of two movies in the Grindhouse double feature by Quentin Tarantino is Death Proof. This movie focuses in on two gorgeous women who are stalked by a killer who uses his "death proof" stunt car to stage accidents near them.

The car in question is a very beautiful Chevy Nova SS stunt car, and plenty of awesome shots feature the car in its glory throughout the film. If anything, this may be a painful show for some, simply because car aficionados might wince at the thought of such a nice muscle car getting into an accident.

Even so, it's thrilling and it's retro...and it's a Tarantino film. That's still a great time, any way you look at it.

Dazed and Confused is considered to be must-see material for most stoners, but it's so much more than just a stoner flick. It's a coming of age movie that shows people getting hazed, people smoking purple haze, and also shows the kind of fun that can only happen when you're in your last day of high school.

One often-overlooked aspect of the film is the many different muscle cars featured throughout the story. If you're a fan of 70s muscle cars, then this 90s movie is one of the best muscle car movies you can watch on Amazon.

It's also worth noting that a movie goof featuring a muscle car was pointed out on IMDB. Apparently, there was a Trans Am with Camaro wheels in the background of the hazing scene!

Vanishing Point has long been considered one of the best muscle car movies of all time, and if we were honest, it was the 1970 Dodge Challenger in this film that was the real star, here.

The entire plot was about a man who tried to make a Denver to San Francisco trip in the span of 15 hours. Somehow, this also involves a trade with drug money involved and a lot of cop car chases.

Along with being a celebration of cars and racing, it's also one of the coolest movies to have a car steal the show of the 70s. Overall, you'll love Vanishing Point if you love outlaw movies.

Car chases, muscle car glorification, and a gritty vibe that would later spark the inspiration for the Fast and Furious franchise is what makes Bullit one of the best muscle car movies ever made.

With a 1968 Mustang as the muscle car of choice, a San Francisco cop has to patrol the mean city streets to find the drug kingpin that killed an important witness in a drug case. Can he do it? Well, you'll have to watch the film to find out.

Both the original Gone in 60 Seconds, and its 2002 remake, Gone in Sixty Seconds are regularly cited as some of the best muscle car movies that Hollywood ever made. It's not hard to see why, either.

Both involve master car thieves trying to steal cars that most of us would dream about. Both involve grippingly realistic high-speed car chase scenes. Moreover, both of them have us cheering for thieves to keep it going.

Even if you think crime doesn't pay, this is a criminally good movie — and movie remake.

No other movie series has featured sports cars, super cars, and muscle cars as thoroughly as The Fast and the Furious has. As a result, it would be a shame not to call the original movie one of the best muscle car movies of all time.

The entire series is all about underground racing, maximum horsepower, and showing how great a driver you are. Over the years, the series has featured countless cars that made fans fall in love with automotive engineering.

In the series, you get to see Mitsubishi Eclipses, Dodge Chargers, Chevelles...and almost every other muscle or sports car you could imagine. You need to see this film series. All of them, ideally.

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to drive a getaway car in a robbery? Well, for the lead character in The Driver, that's his entire career. And, he does it in a beautiful classic muscle car...that was actually modern at the time, since The Driver was filmed in the 70s.

As you could imagine, this classic 70s movie features quite a few muscle cars. High-speed car chases are the name of the game, and since it was filmed at the height of the horsepower war, it doesn't take Albert Einstein to figure out why it's one of the best muscle car movies of all time.

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