Best 7 Cars for College Students

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College tuition often takes a large chunk of the bank even without considering the purchase of a vehicle.

Best 7 Cars for College Students

College tuition often takes a large chunk of the bank even without considering the purchase of a vehicle. If you add the prices for insurance, gas, and shelling, a car for college students might be a huge purchase. So, if you’re thinking about postponing that long-demanded purchase, just wait a minute. The professional experts in college paper writing service from GPALabs prepared a list of best cars for college students. If you’re still hesitating on what to choose, just skim through the following selection; we hope that something will fit your preferences, values, and budget constraints.

1. Volkswagen Jetta

It wouldn’t be a big of a surprise if we told you that sedans are widely popular among college students. Speaking of which, the Volkswagen Jetta is among the most stylish and price-fitting options for students. With a price of nearly $18,500 and extremely diversified tuning options, individuals are provided with a unique chance of securing this particular sedan.

The crucial difference of Jetta between other vehicles is its size, particularly suitable for parking in tight places on campus. In fact, if you’re hesitant on what sedan to choose for your educational purposes, Jetta’s colossal gas mileage stands out as the reason for you to consider.

2. Subaru Crosstrek

If one’s considering a car that is a perfect match for the traveling purposes, Subaru Crosstrek is a vehicle model that fits the best. Students who want to travel in some extreme weather conditions might find good use of Crosstrek’s storage size and road-tripping mountainous trips. So, students who are thinking of what vehicle to purchase for outdoor intentions and some crazy adventures should try this car because of its longevity, safety, and decent reputation among its owners. As a matter of fact, this car would exceed all your expectations in terms of off-roading abilities.

3. Volkswagen Golf

Definitely, a price tag of nearly $20,000 and wide popularity among Volkswagen fans are convincing enough to review a Golf model. As for the gas mileage and safety, Volkswagen Golf hits top ratings, at the same time, being accessible in terms of price. From a stereotyped point of view, individuals who enjoy testing the engine capacities might be highly surprised by what is packed in Golf.

So, college students might have some fun with speed as well as enjoy the vehicle’s ergonomics and maneuverability. Overall, Golf might be a bit of a commonplace choice; but trust us, the popularity, in this case, stands for quality and safety!

4. Chevrolet Cruze

This car is an irreplaceable choice for students who have to take those long rides to their colleges daily. Speaking of its most outstanding feature, which is an extended gas mileage with a total of 37 to 52 mpg. So, if you’re struggling with the choice of a car suitable for long rides to your educational affiliation, home, or an internship, don’t forget about Cruze. Although it lacks ergonomics and maneuverability during the long runs, its main benefit should be used widely for people aiming to get used to daily trips for long distances.

5. Toyota Prius

Wow, have you already seen how the new Prius model looks? It seems that Toyota designers have conducted drastic measures to fit the demands of youngsters. Starting with a price of about $23,000, Prius’ electric hybrid engine is a real hit in the modern realities. For students who are aware of the environmental degradation, Prius might become the only option in this list. Talking about the hybrid model of the engine, its longevity and usability in switching might become decisive factors for students to choose it. Speaking of the minimized extent of emissions, students might rely upon this benefit of Toyota Prius most significantly while choosing it.

6. Nissan Altima

One of the most differentiated features of Nissan Altima is its extravagant look, extremely suitable for students who sincerely want to show off in front of their peers. Yet, the review of more practical consideration represents that Altima puts a huge emphasis on technological innovation.

As a matter of fact, Nissan Altima has an innovative camera system, coupled with upgraded navigation tools, which would amaze all of the college tech-savvies. Students looking for an unprecedented merger of style and technology should review Altima, which, by the way, costs approximately $23,000.

7. Volkswagen Beetle

For many years, Beetle was an iconic player on all roads across the US. With its unique design, nimble handling, and decent gas mileage, Volkswagen Beetle offers some groundbreaking driving experiences. What is more, students might consider purchasing older models of Beetle. Being an outstanding and unique vehicle, Volkswagen Beetle perfectly suits the parking, driving, and short-term traveling purposes. So, be sure to review this variable while making a final decision over your car for a college student.

Thornie Longmuir
Thornie Longmuir
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