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Behind the Wheel: Exploring the Importance of BMW X7 Suspension Service for a Luxurious Drive

BMW X7 Suspension Service for a Luxurious Drive

By Fifth Gear AutomotivePublished about a month ago 3 min read

You must have a little knowledge about the steering wheel, starter motor, engine, brakes, etc of your BMW X7 car. But have you ever heard about the suspension system? How it works? And why maintenance of the suspension system is needed for enjoying a luxurious ride? Let’s figure it out together.

What is the Suspension System of the BMW X7

Have you ever thought about how are you able to sit on your car’s seat flexibly even if the road is rough? The first thing that would strike your mind is the smoothness of your car’s seat. Yes, to be honest, that’s a side reason for the comfortable ride but there is another set of constituents connecting your car’s wheels to the rest parts of your car referred as the suspension system.

Briefly, the suspension system of the BMW X7 car has a shield-like nature that prevents your car from unnecessary shaking while coming across road bumps, pebbles, potholes, or dusty roads. Moreover, it increases the friction so that your car’s tires will stay in contact with the road.

Mentioning a few main components of the suspension system:

 Coil springs reduce or soak up all the impact and shock that the wheels obtain while driven on a deformed road. These work as shock absorbers.

 Stabilizers prevent the body roll of your car by providing a good balance while taking sharp turns though corners of roads at high speed.

 Bumpers are elastic rubber-like components that protect the car by supplying a good car frame and also function as shock absorbers.

 Lateral control rod is fixed within the axle and car body making the car stable by sustaining the load.

 Steering knuckles keep the components of the suspension system attached to the wheels helping a better handling experience of steering.

 Ball joints help the parts of the suspension system to move in multiple directions and hold the knuckle arm and control arm together.

Some other components like Dampers or shock absorbers, Lower arm, Upper arm, strut bar, etc also engage themselves in improving your car’s overall driving experience and providing a comfortable ride.

Maintenance of the suspension system

As you have read above that how essential the suspension system is to enhance your driving experience. So, let’s know more about how to take care of the suspension system when required.

BMW X7’s tires are the primary part that must have the required amount of air pressure for running. You should check the air pressure by using a “tire pressure monitoring system” regularly. If the air pressure is lower or higher than required then your car would shake while coming across dusty roads.

If your car is tilting more than before while taking sharp turns, leakage in the shock absorbers, excessive shaking of the car on bumpy roads, uneven tire wear, etc may indicate a defective shock absorber. In this case, take immediate action by repairing or replacing the shock absorbers.

Another main component is your steering. If the hydraulic steering fluid is not properly available due to leaking or if the fluid is oxidizing then your car may show different issues while driving. The steering fluid should be refilled once in every 45000 to 50000 kilometers depending on your driving conditions.

If you hear abnormal sounds while driving on pebbles or humps then your coil springs might be rusted or broken. You should consult with your mechanic to check the springs and if worn out then the springs should be changed.

Wheel alignment is also required once in every 15000 to 20000 kilometers to protect the wheels while driving on bumpy roads.

The car accidents especially damage suspensions internally. So, you should inspect every component of the suspension system if your car runs unusual after an accident.


From the above article, it is concluded that the suspension system has the most important role in experiencing a luxury ride in your BMW X7. So, it is very essential to properly maintain each component of the suspension system but apart from that you should drive your car carefully with a moderate speed, avoid overloading, and use high-quality parts while repairing. Always be careful of the warning signs by which your car conveys its defects. After all a beautiful long drive in your BMW X7 might be a relief for you from your hectic work schedule.


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