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Auto Advertising Slogans in America

by dave Wettlaufer 30 days ago in industry

Automotive slogans are a creative way Car Dealers sell their brand to the public, like “Zoom, Zoom.”

How many of you bought a car just because of its catchy slogan? I would bet many people. Ever since the auto industry began, manufacturers learned quickly to come up with some creative way to sell their brand to the public. Some way-out-there thinkers came up with catchy musical tunes; others zoomed in on more memorable slogans in their advertising. For example, the Chevrolet ad went this way "Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet."

That's Called "Creative Writing!"

What is a slogan, you ask? Well, according to Logaster they explained it best this way:

A slogan is a short, punchy phrase that is an intrinsic part of your brand identity. In advertising campaigns, slogans are often paired with company logos.

An elaborate slogan is both a powerful and elegant way to tell your potential customers why they should do business with you or, in this case, buy their car.

The auto industry, no, that's not right; any manufacturing industry comes up with tried and true and sometimes tacky slogans that catch the audience. The idea is to suit the ability of the product or their special perks over the competition.

A Radio Program and podcaster called "Under the Influence" by Terry O'Reilly is an award-winning program that explains how ads/slogans from corporations influence your life with over the counter goods. Check out his fascinating program HERE AT THIS LINK!


I’m swaying a little bit but “Here is a tacky Hotel ad.”

A local hotel advertisement with a catchy slogan! "The only hotel around with automatic fire protection"

We have Fire Protection in our Hotel

But we're talking about the automotive sector, so I can't go off coerce too badly! But it is the same, except Terry O'Reilly talks more about consumer products that we all buy and their luring ads associated with it.

Take another example;

Automobiles, in the beginning, were not all that powerful, and the roads and highways were worse. They were like glorified cow paths and trails. "I'm not even sure where the term highway comes about, but next week's blog, I'll know I’ll find out for ya!"

But giving or taking the top horsepower in the beginning was about 15 horses give or take. In comparison, it's the same horsepower you find in your small riding lawnmower. So they weren't that powerful.

Remember back in the day, in one year, these mechanics were making bicycles and then carriages, and then they jumped right into the auto industry. Now don't quote me on the one-year time frame, but it was not long from bicycles and carriages to cars and in around the same time period.

In most cases, they were built in the very same shops!

So on occasion, when this newfangled contraption was trying to go up a steep hill with that massive 15 horsepower, some couldn't, as they say, "make the grade" Every auto owner had a fear of hills.

*Buick recognized that fear with the new perspective owners, and in 1905 they promised in their advertising, which eventually turned into a slogan, and it reads this way." Good anywhere, But Best On Hills."

*Another car manufacturer would promote owners' concerns this way "No Hill Too Steep, No Sand Too Deep."

Catchy but effective advertising slogans were targeting people that just dreaded those hills.

*Cadillac had a famous saying," The Standard Of The World" The 1914 Metz promoted itself with "No Clutch To Slip, No Gears To Strip."

1969 Chevrolet Nova SS was labelled "the sleeper awakes," That was no kidding folks, they were fast!

Famous Automotive Slogans

Who can forget “Zoom, Zoom.”

Best One; – “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.”

So there you have it, just some fun automobile slogans that go with their endless amount of advertising. But I have to wonder, "How many have you bought a car just because of its catchy slogan?" zoom, zoom

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I'm a truck mechanic by trade, a Canadian blogger by night. Some of my articles sound and might have the feel that this guy has been around the block, well, I feel I have.

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