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Audi Q8 officially launched

Family flagship coupe SUV

By JabbPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Audi Q8 production version finally officially met with everyone, the manufacturer chose to release this new flagship SUV model of Audi, Q8 is also the family's first coupe SUV, it can be seen as the coupe version of the current Q7 model, the relationship between the two is similar to BMW's X5 and X6.

In addition to the Q8 model release, Audi also announced its future development plan, it is reported that Audi plans to sell 800,000 new energy models in 2025, while in the next five years will launch seven new energy models, including the new A6L/A7/A8L e-Tron models to be produced in 2019 and the Audi e-Tron models to be produced in 2020. Total production capacity is expected to exceed 1 million units in 2020. Start to market in overseas markets, and then will enter the Chinese market.

Model Features

The overall shape of the new car is the same as the earliest Q8 concept car, with the latest family style design, the most obvious feature is the front grille with the same 8-sided exaggerated "big mouth" as the Audi A8 shape, and the interior is embellished with a straight waterfall shape, with the slender headlights on the left and right sides, as well as the polygonal air intakes on both sides. The front face looks more lethal with the slender headlights on the left and right sides, as well as the polygonal air inlets on both sides. In addition, its front engine hatch has multiple bulging lines above the hood, increasing its aggressive visual effect.

The side profile is a bit monotonous, without a strong coupe model, but the three-dimensional sense of outstanding detail lines makes it a little more dominant. Body dimensions, Q8 length, width, and height of 4986/1995/1705mm, respectively, with a wheelbase of 2987mm, the overall size is slightly smaller than the Q7, but the Q8 is wider, in profile to bring a low dynamic visual effect.

At the rear, the parallelogram taillight cluster is connected by a light strip in the center, and the sloping tailgate and tail window create a very sporty coupe SUV stance, with a particularly exaggerated diffuser at the bottom and a sporty wind, with an exhaust pipe decorating each side.

The interior of the Q8 also maintains the same style design as the A8, with a variety of large screens that are particularly eye-catching, and the overall shape is simple but full of avant-garde flavor. Above the center is a 10.1-inch display for controlling the infotainment system and navigation system. The lower 8.6-inch display is responsible for air conditioning and text input, etc. The 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster is found in many new Audi models, and this dazzling "weapon" is not absent in the Q8. In addition, all Q8 models are equipped with adaptive suspension, 19-inch wheels, LED headlights, an upgraded navigation MMI system, and a dual-zone automatic climate control system as standard.

The rich safety technology configuration is a major selling point of the Q8, and the option of different assistance system packages can bring richer functions, such as more intelligent adaptive cruise control, the system will intelligently choose whether to glide or accelerate according to the road conditions ahead. There is also a side vehicle approach alert, slow reverse obstacle approach alert, as well as an exit warning system and lane change warning system. The optional Parking Package also enables a remote parking navigation system that allows the Q8 to enter and exit parking spaces independently of the driver's supervision. The driver can let the vehicle out in advance and do so via the myAudi app on their smartphone.

Audi Q8 adopts 48V light-hybrid technology, and the power is first launched with a 3.0L diesel engine with a maximum power of 286 hp and a maximum torque of 600 NM. The official 100 km acceleration time of 6.3 seconds and a top speed of 232 km/h will be followed by a 3.0L turbocharged gasoline engine model. The transmission is matched with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, all models are equipped with Quattro four-wheel drive as standard, and the front and rear suspensions are five-link independents.


There are not many coupe SUVs with similar positioning to the Audi Q8, and the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE coupe SUVs are its most compatible rivals. As a newcomer, Audi Q8 has a clear advantage, it has a more avant-garde image compared to its rivals, which can give people a sense of freshness. As long as its price is real enough, it will be more likely to get attention.

Model Background.

As a flagship coupe SUV, Audi Q8's positioning is inseparable from the sporty and luxurious, and the Q8 concept car that debuted at the North American Auto Show early last year has given people such an impression. The actual car on display at the time felt like a very complete production car work, and the Q8 production car released today is indeed nothing "shrunken". Audi's new generation of family language design style naturally starts from the flagship model, Audi A8 has a more youthful and aggressive image, Q8 naturally will not lag up, and the dominant shape can especially highlight the sense of technology.


The Audi Q8 is finally released, and Audi's first coupe-type SUV is naturally very significant, this styling style will certainly be applied to more Audi models, such as the future Q4. Looking back at the Q8 car, it is edgy enough and rare to give a first impression of where it is already smooth, but also lacks a little stunning feeling. But it's competitive, so let's look forward to its price.


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