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A to Z About Wheel Alignment Problems! Know It All Here!

by Natalie Ige 3 years ago in list

A wheel alignment is a very important feature of any vehicle. It ensures maximum drivability. It plays a major role in extending the life of your tires and in making your drive smoother.

If you want your vehicle to be operating perfectly, you need all four wheels to be setup in such a way that all of them are in a straight line when the steering wheel is in the straight position. This is the basic mechanism behind wheel alignment. But, quite opposite to the name, it has very little to do with the wheels. It’s more to do with your vehicle’s suspension system. And you will be surprised to know how easily your wheel can get knocked out of the line leading to a lower vehicle performance. But no worries, we have both the symptoms and solutions right here!

If you really want to know the truth, bad roads are the greatest enemies of your wheels. Potholes, hitting a curb, and poorly maintained roads can take a great toll on your wheels. It causes the tiniest alignment issues to get accelerated further. So, it’s advisable that you have your alignment checked every 6,000 miles—then your tires can thank you later. Take the help of professionals and call up an efficient mechanic in Sydney. Kismet Mechanical can help you in that as they offer various services like 24/7 emergency or breakdown services, towing, roadside assistance, car repairs, etc.

Know the symptoms and solutions of bad wheel alignment.

A wheel alignment is a very important feature of any vehicle. It ensures maximum drivability. It plays a major role in extending the life of your tires and in making your drive smoother. You will be basically cruising ahead with your vehicle, and saving a lot of energy and fuel while you are at it. Also, cars having bad wheel alignment in Sydney are quite unsafe, as the car’s ability to turn in either direction gets strongly inhibited. So, just keep a regular check, look out for these signs, and eventually try these remedies out:

Wear Patterns

The first thing that you can easily spot is uneven or rapid wear patterns in the tire tread. You can check this when you rotate your tires during an oil change. If one wheel shows more unevenness or increased wear as compared to others, it’s probably the out-of-alignment culprit.

Unexpected Drifts

The next sign that you can look out for is by paying attention to the movement of your vehicle. If your car suddenly drifts off to one side mid-drive, even when the steering wheel is pointed straight, chances are you have a wheel or two that’s not aligned. Also, you could just let your steering wheel be. If it’s crooked even while driving straight, something is definitely off, and we know what that might be.

Squealing Tires

This is yet another symptom of faulty wheel alignment. Do give a check as soon as you hear even the slightest squeal coming from your tires. Also, if you are having to really put force into steering your car to turn or make it straight, there’s reason to worry.

Remove junk.

This is one of the most effective remedies if you want to avoid alignment issues yourself. Alignment basically depends on tire angles, which are in accordance with vehicle chassis height. Too much weight in the vehicle will lower the height and put your wheels off their alignment.

Air Pressure

It’s very important that you maintain the appropriate air pressure in your tires. Check up on them every now and then, be cautious of tire punctures, and let the wheels do their work—but be aligned!

Conservative Driving

Avoiding rash driving is yet another solution that you can embrace. Conservative driving helps a lot, as it places much lesser strain on the steering and the suspension components. This ensures that you are successfully on the path to maintaining proper alignment.

So, this was all about bad wheel alignment, starting from what it is, to what causes it, to what are the symptoms, and finally, to what the remedies are. We are pretty sure you have a much clearer idea about wheel misalignment now. Keep all of this in mind, and you won’t end up forking money on alignment issues every now and then.


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