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A Review of Porsche Taycan

by Lori Massey 4 months ago in product review

Details about Porsche Taycan

Bill Gates has praised Tesla, but he chose the Porsche Taycan for his first electric car.

The story of Porsche and electric cars goes back a long way. Back in 1900 at the Paris World's Fair, Ferdinand Porsche introduced the Lohner Porsche, an electric car with a range of about 50 kilometers.

Since 2010, Porsche has introduced hybrid models in the Cayenne and Panamera series. With the introduction of plug-in hybrids for the first time in 2013, Porsche became the first manufacturer in the premium sports car segment to offer a plug-in hybrid model. Porsche became the first manufacturer to offer a plug-in hybrid in the premium sports car segment when it was first introduced to the market in 2013.

The 918 Spyder series demonstrates what can be achieved by adding two synchronous motors to the front and rear axles of a supercar with a V8 aspirated engine. The Taycan is an all-electric car that meets all the requirements.

Instead of Porsche's classic frog-eye headlights, the Taycan's front has a more squared-off shape. But we can still find the classic Porsche elements, with the Taycan's length, width, height and wheelbase of 4963/1966/1381 mm and 2900 mm respectively.

Here's a look at the Taycan's interior. Advances in technology have made everything simple, and the Taycan is Porsche's move from mechanization to electronics, as is evident from the changes to the interior. The three-spoke steering wheel and the timer on the center console are all very familiar Porsche elements, but the Taycan still reveals a little Porsche thought in the details. The Taycan is a clean and uncluttered car, with most functions hidden in deep black until the screen is lit. Even the air conditioning vents are fully electric and bladeless, requiring a touch menu to control the air direction.

In terms of power equipment, the Taycan is divided into four models depending on the output power, except for the 408 horsepower model with rear-mounted rear drive, the rest of the models are dual-motor four-wheel drive structure, with the Taycan 4S model having a power output of 530 horsepower; the Taycan Turbo has an output of 680 horsepower; and the Taycan Turbo S has an output of 762 horsepower.

All Taycan models have a range of more than 400 kilometers, with the longest range of the Taycan Turbo reaching 450 kilometers. But those who intend to buy a Taycan may not care about their range, because outstanding performance is the essence of Porsche.

In addition, the PDCC Sport is equipped with an electro-mechanical anti-roll bar that responds within 200 milliseconds, stiffening the bar to effectively suppress body roll due to centrifugal forces and responding faster than similar systems using hydraulic actuators.

Regarding charging, Porsche has also equipped the Taycan with the black technology of 800V electrical architecture. The battery, the form of the electronics arrangement, the motor, and the charging process all benefit from years of Le Mans racing.

A brand built on 100 years of experience, Porsche has a long-standing reputation for technical excellence and dedication.

Porsche Asia Pacific will end the first quarter of 2021 with a 28 percent increase compared to last year, with 827 vehicles delivered. Of the 827 vehicles, 47 percent were electric vehicles (EV and Hybrid).

This is good news for Porsche, as it aims to electrify half of all its new vehicles by 2025.

The Taycan is uncompromising and perfect for the everyday. Striking proportions, timeless and instantly recognisable design. With a spacious interior and two luggage compartments, providing comfort and convenience for four.

The Taycan Cross Turismo embraces your lifestyle, with an enlarged rear luggage compartment and even more spacious interior. Its bold capability is further highlighted by the characteristic accents of the Off-road Design Package

product review

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