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A fun, pure electric car

by Grieser MustoBielerude 2 months ago in design
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The main driving pleasure, this car is the purchase of a car "on the top"?

A fun, pure electric car
Photo by Joshua Fernandez on Unsplash

If you ask about the best performance of new energy brands in the first half of the year, it is BYD. According to the first six months of the new energy car sales list published by the Federation, three of the top 5 are BYD models, in their respective segments of the market shine. In the end market, BYD is said to be a car that is difficult to find.

On July 29, the second model of BYD Ocean Series - Seal was officially launched, with four models and a price range of 209,800 yuan - 286,800 yuan. According to the disclosure, since the pre-sale of this car, orders have exceeded 60,000, is a veritable ocean "leopard" model, will start new car delivery next month, and the exclusive Changzhou plant will also be at full power to enhance production capacity.

In addition to the price surprise, Seal has also upgraded the product configuration. Users of the 650km 4WD performance version can get the iTAC intelligent torque distribution system for free through OTA remote upgrade, allowing ordinary users to easily upgrade to a high energy player; and for everyone's concern about the heat insulation of the panoramic canopy, Seal will give away sunshades for the whole series, giving users a more intimate car experience.

Based on the design concept of "marine aesthetics", which is younger and more energy-oriented, the Corsair has a sporty front look. The low stance of the body brings a wind resistance coefficient as low as 0.219Cd, which can better suppress wind noise, optimize energy consumption level and improve the range of the vehicle. The short front and rear overhangs, and long wheelbase body ratio make people feel the strong sportiness and elegance at the first glance, which meets the aesthetics of young people.

Inside the car, it can be seen that the interior style of Seal is highly unified with the exterior. The hugging intelligent cockpit and various marine elements create a soft, dynamic, and energetic overall atmosphere. The "wave-by-wave" instrument panel, laser engraving texture design, diamond quilting, double stitching process, crystal gear lever, and central control layout all show the excellent ergonomics design and quality of workmanship, and the dedication to details is evident.

With a body size of 4800mm*1875mm*1460mm and a wheelbase of 2920mm, the Seal has a comfortable driving space inside the car. Seven body colors, all in marine color tones, are more in line with the preferences of young people.

For electric vehicles, users are not only concerned about the range, but also about how efficient the electricity is, such as charging efficiency and energy loss, and so on. In this regard, Corsair has delivered a perfect answer.

As we all know, the blade battery is BYD's unique technology, which can effectively improve the range and has unparalleled advantages in terms of safety, no smoke, and no fire from pinpricks. For the first time, Seal is equipped with the battery body integration technology (CTB, Cell to Body), which deeply integrates the "blade battery" into the structure of the whole vehicle, and the upper cover of the battery pack is integrated with the traditional structure of the body floor, forming the sandwich structure of the upper cover, "blade battery" and tray. The battery pack top cover is integrated with the traditional structure of the body floor, forming a sandwich structure of the top cover, blade battery, and tray.

By Mohammad Fathollahi on Unsplash

The Seaguard is equipped with three types of drive motors with a maximum power of 150kW, 230kW, and 390kW (160kW for the front motor and 230kW for the rear motor), bringing three range versions and four configuration levels, taking into account performance and energy consumption.

For example, the 550km standard range rear-drive version is mainly used for urban travel users; the 700km long range rear-drive version is fully equipped with balanced performance for first-time buyers; the 650km 4WD performance version is suitable for northern users facing icy and snowy road conditions or users with stronger demand for performance. And coupled with BYD's pioneering boost fast charging technology, charging 5 minutes, range of 100 km, greatly improving the convenience of using the car, no longer range anxiety.

As for the chassis, the Corsair is equipped with a front double-wishbone, and rear five-link independent suspension, which can reduce the roll during the turning process, bringing driving pleasure while improving the vehicle's handling stability and comfort. Because of the empowerment of CTB battery-body integration technology, the Corsair's torsional stiffness reaches 40,500Nm/°, reaching the level of a million-class luxury car, which greatly enhances the dynamic limit of the vehicle and allows the advantages of the rear-wheel drive/four-wheel drive layout with double-wishbone front and five-link rear suspensions to be fully utilized.

In addition, the Corsair has a 50:50 golden axle load ratio, low mass, and low rotational inertia, which not only makes the rear end move faster in corners but also makes the body posture more stable, making it not only good to drive but also fun to drive. With the AC intelligent torque distribution system, the Corsair 650km 4WD Performance Edition allows users to easily transform into a high-energy player and fully enjoy the fun of driving.

In terms of configuration, the Corsair is also unambiguous, with many configurations coming as standard. For example, pilot intelligent driving assistance system, 10.25-inch full LCD instrumentation, 15.6-inch rotating multimedia center control interactive large screen, 5G network DiLink intelligent car connection system, NFC cell phone key, remote control, 540° panoramic image, panoramic canopy, zonal air conditioning, battery preheating and so on, which is a good plus for young users.

"Create an intelligent electric car that you can buy with your eyes closed and drive with confidence." This is Wang Chuanfu's expectation. And BYD Corsair has leading technology and hardcore product strength, such a good-looking, good driving, fun pure electric car, will bring high quality driving quality and travel experience for users, and help the new energy sales continue to climb.


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