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7 tips to keep your trucks cab in pristine condition

As a lorry driver, the cab of your truck can often become a second home, so it is important to look after it.

By Andrea EastonPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
7 tips to keep your trucks cab in pristine condition
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As a lorry driver, the cab of your truck can often become a second home, so it is important to look after it. Your cab needs to be in the very best condition in order to keep you both safe and comfortable. As you are on the road all the time, and transporting different loads, your cab is susceptible to more dust and dirt than normal, so you need to make sure that you stay on top of the maintenance of your cab in order to keep it pristine.

It is important to clean the interior of your lorry just as regularly as the exterior. It is often the place that you sleep and eat as well as the place that you work, so good hygiene should be of paramount importance. Whilst you might drive around in it on a regular basis, it is worth remembering that one day the cab will go back to its rightful owner, and it needs to be in good condition when it does.

Here, Andrea Easton, Head of Finances and Operations at Fleet Ex, shares some of her best tips when it comes to keeping your cab looking and feeling fantastic.

1. Wipe down surfaces

A lot of dust and grime can build up on the inside of your cab without you even noticing, so it is important to give it a good wipe down on a regular basis. Use a microfibre cloth to wipe the surfaces such as your dashboard and seats, as well as getting into all of the crevices where dirt can build up. This is a great way to allergies and germs at bay as well as getting the cab looking good.

You will also need to pay special attention to your windows. They not only need to be clean, but streak free too in order to ensure you have a clear all-round view of the road that is not obscured by dirt or suffers from reflections and distortions of the light. Try running a suede towel across each window before setting off in order to keep them clean and avoid streaks or marks.

2. Get the vacuum out

Keeping a little hand-held vacuum in your cab can be extremely useful. You could be getting in and out of your cab in all sorts of locations, and with that comes grit, mud, and sand on your shoes. On top of that, you are likely to also have a few crumbs lying around too. Start by picking up any rubbish that is too big for the vacuum to handle, such as tissues and wrappers, and then remove any detachable floor mats or seat covers.

You can give these a good shake outside and vacuum them before moving on to the interior of the cab. Start with the headrests of your seats and work your way down to ensure that you don’t miss anything. Then you can move on to the floor of your cab, before putting your floor mats back in place. Don’t forget to empty your vacuum when you have finished, or it will be limited in what it can pick up next time.

3. Declutter

When you stand back from your cab, you will start to see the amount of clutter that has begun to accumulate. Start by pulling out the things that you need to keep, such as paperwork or sentimental items and then put the rest in a bin bag. You will be surprised how many receipts, wrappers, bottles and magazines can build up in quite a short space of time. You might also find that there are seasonal items that you don’t need to keep in your cab all year round, so put the fan away in the winter, and store the ice scraper during the summer.

4. Care for the little things

When it comes to cleaning, it can be easy to miss the little things, but these can be just as important. Make sure that you pay attention to the pedals, door handles, steering wheel, and gear stick as well as all the big stuff if you want to keep your cab really gleaming.

5. Fabric care

Your cab might have quite a lot of fabric in it in the form of seats and curtains, and these need a special type of cleaning. Your seat will not only collect crumbs and dust, but also dead skin cells, dirt and sweat, so you need to give it a good wash from time to time. Use a hot, wet cloth for most fabrics in order to freshen them up gently, but you might want to use a fabric cleaner for any stubborn stains that you might find.

6. Bedding

Your bedding will need to be changed on a regular basis, even if you haven’t slept in it. Dust will build up in your sheets and pillows, which can make for an uncomfortable and unhealthy sleep when you do finally rest your head. Strip and wash your bed linen as often as possible, let the pillows and duvet get some air, and beat the mattress as well.

7. Stay organised

The best way to make sure your cab is looking good isn’t through a deep clean every six months, but instead by staying organised and keeping it under control.

Andrea Easton, Head of Finances and Operations at FleetEx, specialists in ex fleet trucks for sale shared her insight, "We try to ensure everything is put away and that drivers take their rubbish with them at the end of their journey. A good tip we give buyers is to use seatback organisers, toolboxes, and storage boxes to make sure customers have everything they need in easy reach whilst keeping your cab neat and tidy at all times."

You spend a lot of time in the cab of your truck, so it is important to make your time there comfortable and pleasant. Keeping it looking, feeling, and smelling clean will help your concentration, your ability to get to sleep and your pride in your truck. It is also a good way to keep germs at bay so that you can stay healthy and enjoy your trip.

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