6 Tips On How to Sell a Car Fast

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It so happens that many car owners are trying to renew their cars in spring.

6 Tips On How to Sell a Car Fast

The first step to this is the successful sale of the old car. Therefore, let's talk about the components of a successful, fast sale. Sooner or later, every car owner has to deal with the issue of selling cars. Not all private persons selling a car know how to do it fast.

Tips to Sell a Car Fast:

First Step: Planning the Desired Timeline for the Sale of Cars

It's the most important step; that is why it’s the first. Your tactics depend on it. The more time–the more options, opportunities, and, accordingly, the higher the price.

If you need money urgently–submit an ad with an attractive price and wait 3-5 days. Nobody called or showed interest? Give the car to special services. They are always happy to take a cheaper car. And you will immediately get cash for your car.

Second Step: Decide on the Price of the Car

The next stage will take time. Look through the newspaper, or on the internet, chat with drivers–read tips on how to sell a car. Ask, find out, analyze–put it at a price so that you like it, and it won’t frighten others.

Third Step: Choose a Way to Sell a Car

There are a few options for selling your car:

  1. The easiest way is to place ads on the internet. That’s what 80 percent of car owners do.
  2. Give to special services, or to the dealership for sale. Resellers will give money immediately, but 15-30 percent less from the market value. The car dealership will ask to leave the car in their area. But they don’t give guarantees and money also.
  3. You can exchange a car with a trade-in, which means that you arrive in your own car, trade it in, add money, and go home in a new one. Just keep in mind, they will give you at least 30 percent less than the real price.

Fourth Step: Pre-Sales Training

Even if you sell the car through the internet, sooner or later someone will want to come and see it. And this means that the car body should be washed, both outside, and in the interior, you should remove garbage from the glove compartment, and clean all unnecessary things from the trunk.

After eliminating external defects–think about any problems it may have. Perhaps, it will be more profitable for you to change something, rather than reduce the price of the car. So it is better to invest some money in the body, if it is not in a perfect condition, and this will be repaid.

Fifth Step: Write the Ad Description, and Advertise It

Do not write a novel. Be honest, keep it simple, and list the specifications, advantages, and the price. You are not on a dating site where you're describing yourself.

The pictures should correspond to the season: winter in winter, summer in summer. You will be surprised, but even the background, the landscape is very important! One of the winning options: against the backdrop of a beautiful private house, or in its courtyard: elegant tiles, perhaps more expensive cars in the frame. Find some examples on the internet, to inspire yourself.

Sixth Step: Negotiate with Customers

The main thing is not to panic. People are different–indifferent and persistent, rude and kind. Often called "irresponsible" buyers. They make appointments, but do not come. Our advice: agree to show the car on your territory–not far from home or work. They said they would be here by 2:00 PM? Do not rush–this time the buyer has appointed for himself. When he is in place, he will call you. That's when you leave the house.

Speak strictly with buyers, even harshly. Do not yield, and do not persuade. You will sell sooner or later–believe it! Do not let someone ride around the city in your car. It can end badly. But do not refuse them to take it to a service station for an inspection. Just insist that the buyer pays for the services. And the service station should be close to your home.

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