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5 Tips to Tell You How to Buy a Reliable Used Electric Car

by Shari Valdez 2 months ago in how to / electric
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There are 5 tips to notice before buying a reliable used electric car

Are you thinking about buying an electric vehicle? Beyond the exorbitant petrol prices, there are several reasons to do so. However, electric automobiles may be costly when new, and their depreciation rates are notoriously high. Purchasing a secondhand electric car might be a smart move—but only if you can locate one that will survive. We've already discussed how to pick a dependable used automobile, but there are a few things to bear in mind while looking for a dependable used electric car.

5. Look for old electric vehicles from moderate climates.

Buying a secondhand automobile from a hot, dry area was formerly recommended. Some speculated that the "desert automobile" was immune to rust-causing agents such as road salt and sea air. This is still true for most gasoline-powered automobiles, while contemporary vehicles might benefit from rust-proofing. Buying suggestions for secondhand electric cars, according to Cars.com, suggest the exact opposite. (However, keeping a look out for EV brake corrosion is a good idea.)

Hotter weather (100+ degrees) can reduce EV range over time. Avoid models driven and kept in hot areas if you're looking for a secondhand Tesla Model 3, Model S, or Model Y. To purchase the most dependable secondhand electric car, look for one that has spent its life in cooler climates.

4. Purchase a used electric car that was previously used as a daily driver.

This is another buying suggestion for a dependable used EV that differs significantly from buying advice for gas-powered vehicles. While low mileage is still a positive thing, EVs with little driving might lose battery power. Look for an electric vehicle that is utilized as a primary vehicle or at the very least a regular commuter vehicle; it will almost certainly have a healthy battery.

A used Kira Niro driven a few miles every day will almost certainly be more dependable than a BMW i3 driven only once every few weeks.

3. Have any used electric car inspected by an authority.

It should come as no surprise that having any used automobile examined before buying is a smart idea. However, Cars.com recommends scheduling a comprehensive check with a skilled technician before purchasing any used EV. A inexpensive, secondhand Nissan Leaf from a recent model year may appear to be a great deal, but there might be problems lurking beneath the surface.

2. Expect to see fewer EV range estimates in the research.

Estimating the EV battery range you'll receive from a used electric car isn't a precise science because so many things impact EV range, including the music you listen to. The entire range of an electric vehicle is also influenced by the age of the battery. When new, the Kia Soul EV had a range of 240 to 280 miles, but if you buy a used 2020, 2018, or 2018 Soul EV, you'll probably get a reduced range.

For a variety of factors, including aging, EV range decreases over time. An old battery will not be able to keep a charge for as long as a fresh battery, especially if the owner did not use the electric car much, stored it in hot conditions, or failed to maintain it properly.

1. Prepare to look for a used electric vehicle discount.

The objective is to find a wide assortment of trustworthy secondhand electric automobiles around $10,000. I'd want to tell you it's doable and simple, but I care about you too much to lie. Right now, the used automobile industry is crazy, and used car prices are volatile. You might be able to discover a good offer straight away, but be prepared to look around.

It's a popular misconception that federal EV tax credits applied at the time of purchase would result in reduced used EV pricing when the vehicles are resold. However, many customers do not obtain the full credit that an electric vehicle qualifies for, so don't bank on it.

Purchasing a used Chevy Bolt or Volt EV, which were quite inexpensive when new, is more likely to save you money. A used Nissan Leaf is a good option for an economical electric vehicle. If you want a more premium model, such as Nissan Used Cars, Audi e-tron, or BMW i3, you'll have to pay a bit extra to acquire a trustworthy used EV with all the bells and whistles.

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