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5 Signs That Indicate Faulty Alternator in Your Porsche

Faulty Alternator in Your Porsche

By Lancer ServicePublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Has your Porsche battery been draining fast lately???

You might think of it as a battery issue… But guess what??? That’s not the only explanation. A defective alternator can also result in abnormal battery drain in a vehicle. Yup, you read that right! If there is indeed something wrong with your vehicle's alternator, in addition to rapid battery drain, you will notice the following signs.

How to Know If It Is Actually the Alternator That Is At Fault?

Indicator #1- Weird noises under the hood

One common finding in a vehicle with a defective alternator is the appearance of a whirring or rattling noise from the engine bay. The alternator, as most of you probably know, generates electricity from the mechanical power of the engine. It is connected to the engine via a set of pulley and belt. If the bearing that is responsible for supporting the alternator pulley gets damaged, a strange noise will emerge because of the increased friction.

Indicator #2- Burning odor

In addition to the unusual and scary noises coming from under the hood of your Porsche, if there is indeed something wrong with the alternator pulley bearing, you will smell a strange rubber-burning odor. It can be scary to encounter such a distinctive burning smell... So, as soon as you smell something like that, you should take your Porsche to the nearest European auto service center to assess the problem and get a clear picture of what's really going on.

Indicator #3- Flickering lights

This is something that is common to both battery problems and alternator problems. Be it instrument cluster lights or headlights; each and every light on your car requires electricity to operate. They do not get power directly from the alternator. It's the battery power they rely on; which essentially stores the electrical energy generated by the alternator. If there is something off either with the battery or with the alternator, lights and other electrical accessories of the vehicle won't get the requisite quantity of electricity.

Indicator #4- Trouble starting engine

This is yet another sign common to both the battery and alternator failure. Revitalizing a car's engine is an energy-demanding task. From spark plug to starter motor; everything involved in the ignition process requires electricity to function. If there is something wrong with the alternator or battery, there will not be enough power available to start the engine. So, if you are struggling to start your alternator, it is important that you get both the alternator and battery tested.

#5- Warning lights flashing

Another key indicator that there is something off with your Porsche's alternator is a flashing battery light. Your vehicle's onboard computer runs diagnostic checks of different systems including the charging system. If it finds that there is a flaw somewhere in the alternator or any other part of the charging system, it will activate the battery light.

What Should You Do?

Once you have confirmation that the problem is indeed with the alternator, you should;

#1- Reach out to the nearest car service center. Tell the mechanic about the problem you are experiencing. By thoroughly inspecting the vehicle, the mechanic will be able to pinpoint exactly what issues you are dealing with.

#2- Repair or replace the defective alternator. If the alternator has a minor defect, get it fixed immediately. If the issue is beyond repair, replace the alternator to ensure a steady power supply. Also, check other parts of the charging system to see if they are working fine.

#3- Check the battery. Check if the battery has suffered from any problems because of the defective alternator. Perform a volt test and check if the battery has enough juice left to power your vehicle's electrical system. If the battery has gotten weaker or has reached its maximum useful life, consider replacing it.

Summing Up

The alternator is an important car part. It converts the mechanical energy of the engine to electricity which gets stored in the battery. If for some reason, the alternator gives up, the electric system of your vehicle will be rendered useless. So, if it occurs to you that there is something amiss with your Porsche’s alternator, visit the nearby auto service center to get it inspected by a certified professional.


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