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5 Active Driving Tips That Might Help You Avoid an Accident

Every year, there are around 33,000 fatal driving accidents in the US. Auto accidents are no joke — they happen often, and they can result in very serious incidents.

By AlexPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

Every year, there are around 33,000 fatal driving accidents in the US. Auto accidents are no joke — they happen often, and they can result in very serious incidents.

Even the most careful of drivers worry about getting in car accidents. Without fatalities, there are still injuries to worry about and the expenses that come with a car accident.

If you're worried about getting in an accident, consider these active driving tips.

1. Minimize Distractions

Minimizing distractions is one of the best ways to avoid an accident, and this means different things for different people.

More experienced drivers might be fine having music on or talking to a friend in the passenger seat. Newer drivers might consider those distractions and drive better without them.

Always listen to your comfort level. If you notice something is distracting you, stop.

2. Put Your Phone Away

No matter what your comfort level with distraction is, you should never use your phone while driving.

In fact, it's a good idea to put it away entirely. That way if it vibrates or lights up, you won't notice and won't be tempted to glance. Put it in the glove compartment or in a bag out of sight and grab it when you reach your destination.

3. Anticipate Other Drivers

You should always be thinking about other drivers — not just yourself.

Not everyone is going to drive carefully. Be aware of the cars around you, and ready to react if someone else does something wrong.

Remember — you can do everything right, and still be in danger because of someone else.

4. Choose Your Route Wisely

Choosing your route is also a good idea when it comes to accident prevention. If you're not comfortable with the busy interstate yet, you can ask Google maps to avoid it! Or you can choose the route with the fewest turns.

While it's good to get used to all kinds of roads and situations, one of the best driving tips is simply not to push yourself too far before you're ready.

5. Consider Your Car

Considering your car is also important. Some cars are easier to drive than others. For example, if you struggle with a manual, remember an automatic car is much easier.

Some newer cars also have things like cameras and blind-spot sensors that can help avoid accidents.

Considering your car means hopefully you don't have to figure out what is next if you do have an accident.

These Active Driving Tips Should Help

If you pay attention to these active driving tips and bear them in mind when in control of a car, you should be fine. You're at least doing the best you can.

You should also remember the obvious too. Don't use your phone while driving, don't drink and drive, and pay attention to other drivers as well as yourself. That way, you're minimizing the chance of you having an accident and keeping yourself and everyone else safe.

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