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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Doing an Engine Rebuild For Your Heavy-Duty Truck

Engine Rebuild For Your Heavy-Duty Truck

By Terry ForresterPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

There are many reasons why you need to perform engine rebuilding. It might begin with overheating caused by simple engine noise or heat accumulation over time. Regardless of the cause, a proper engine repair requires time and skills. Fortunately, SRB Equipment is here to help you save time, money, and frustration. To simplify your task, we've developed a list of the three most common mistakes encountered during a heavy-duty truck engine rebuild.

The following mistakes are easy to forget and ignore, but they can also lead to premature wear, lack of power and the need to rebuild the engine again shortly.

No clean and organized workplace

Chaos can quickly develop while the engine is rebuilding. Tools, spare parts, small machinery, everything will easily get mixed up, and you must spend more time searching for a particular tool than working.

To Avoid chaos, it is sensible to fundamentally define your workspace as clean and organized. Set up a separate place and label for each tool and make a habit of always putting it back after use. This simple habit saves a lot of time, and you always know where the part you are looking for is. This way, you ensure that small tools and parts are not lost.

Moreover, any corded power tool no longer needed should be unplugged and returned to its actual place. It will reduce the risk of injury because this way, you cannot trip over cables, tools or other objects on the floor.

Failure to take accurate measurements

The main thing of any complicated repair, particularly heavy-duty truck engine rebuild, is in the minor details. Taking precise measurements ensures that everything comes together and functions great.

Even the smallest parts of the engine need to be measured with care and accuracy. Cleaning and inspecting all components for abrasion, cracks, flaws and abnormal or excessive wear is the best practice. Moreover, patience is required while measuring because all measurements should be checked at least twice and made from more than one angle.

Not taking a video when dismantling your engine.

‍ When dismantling the engine, taking a video of the process has shown to be reasonably practical and helpful during the assembling. The reason for this is that a machine has lots of parts which can mix easily. Humans can only remember so much information, and with screws, covers, fasteners, wires, connections, and gaskets, it's easier than ever to get overwhelmed and forget something. Assembling a particular part to its actual location can be challenging. Still, you can conquer this challenge by making a video of the engine while starting the heavy-duty truck engine rebuild.

‍With so many readily accessible articles and repair videos, engine rebuilding is now more straightforward on the technical side. However, it is more time-consuming since there are so many parts and jobs that need attention from the mechanics.

Need more assistance?

Engine rebuilding can be tough, making one easily tired and frustrated. If you don't have the proper tools or aren't comfortable performing engine rebuilding yourself, SRB Equipment can help. We are professional in handling tire alignment to truck engine service. You can contact us to manage your only truck or fleet. SRB Equipment can handle anything professionally.

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Final words

By avoiding these mistakes, you can save time, money, and headaches with an engine that produces full power, runs smoothly and will last another 30 years. SRB Equipment has more tips, instructions, and blogs. Contact us now to get the best truck engine services and save your time and money.


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