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10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

If your car hasn't been cleaned all throughout the winter, then it's time to prep your car for the warmer season! These are the ultimate spring cleaning tips for your car to do before the start of the season.

By C.C. CurtisPublished 6 years ago 7 min read

Spring is just around the corner, which means it's time to get rid of all the winter clothing and clean everywhere in preparation for spring! Since the warmer season is coming shortly, our house needs to be prepped for the season. But aside from our wardrobe and house, our cars are certainly the ones that need deep cleaning. While many of us don't bother cleaning our cars in the winter, because it's too cold out or it just keeps snowing whenever we clean the exterior, there's no point in doing so.

This is why we should get right into deep cleaning our automobiles for spring! Spring cleaning is a great way to freshen up our cars after a long, terrible, cold, freezing... winter. This give you the excuse to really get in there under your car seat, into your tires, and around the crevices of your car and make everything spotless! And once you're finished, not only will your car be prepared for the warmer seasons, but so will you! Also, nothing beats the sight and smell of a freshly-cleaned car. If you want to know some great advice on cleaning your car, consider trying out any of these helpful spring cleaning tips for your car.

You bet the underneath your car seats are filthy as hell. Since it's one of the spots in your car that everyone forgets to clean, this is why it's one of the areas you should start focusing on first. When you first look underneath your seats after months and months of never bothering to check what's under there, you'll never believe your eyes. I mean, you'll never believe the items and trash that have been chilling under your seats this entire time.

Especially if you tend to drive your friends around, you'll find a ton of trash hiding away under your seats. From bottles of water to candy wrappers, used tissues, and anything you can imagine. When you do start cleaning under your seats, I highly advise you to wear gloves, just to prevent any filth touching your skin. Then once all of the bigger trash is gone, start vacuuming every corner under there. Under your car seats should look spotless!

Remove your winter tires.

Among the spring cleaning tips for your car, it's time to remove your winter tires! If you're the type who uses winter tires during the season when it snows, then it's time to switch back to your all-season tires. Since winter is basically over and the snow has stopped falling, your winter tires are now useless.

Now that spring is coming, switch back to your regular tires. You can easily remove the tires on your own if you're experienced or ask for help from any mechanic. Once you've removed them, make sure you properly store your winter tires somewhere safe to use next year.

Wash your floor mats.

It's very important to deep clean your mats. Especially now that you're spring cleaning, you have to really get in there and completely clean your mats. Since the filth that's stuck beneath our shoes are rubbing down on these mats, our car mats will start to look mucky and gross. And you should definitely never allow your mats to look filthy for a long period of time.

You can simply use stain spray or even just soap and water to get the job done. However, if you still believe that getting in there with just soap and water doesn't fully clean them, you can toss the floor mats into the wash for extra cleaning. This is certainly one of the necessary spring cleaning tips for your car to do.

Even if the ceiling of your car doesn't look the slightest bit dirty... it's possible that it's dirty. But how can you possibly clean the ceiling of your car? Soap and water is going to ruin the material as well as everything in the interior. And you can just rub it down with a regular piece of cloth.

That's why you need microfiber cloths! Microfiber cloths easily pick up dust, dirt, and other filth right off of nearly any surface. And if the ceiling of your car possess a fabric-type of ceiling, then it's best that you use microfiber clothes. However, not just any cloth, but this one by Mr. Clean! Since Mr. Clean is a trustworthy cleaning brand, their microfiber cloths work like a charm when it comes to wiping down the ceiling of your car.

Check your tire pressures.

Especially during the winter, it's normal for your tire pressures to be pretty low. Since it's really cold out, this can decrease the pressure in your tires. But now that winter is close to ending and spring is making its way, it's time to pump those tires again!

From the spring cleaning tips for your car, it's really important to keep all of your tires at their ideal pressure limit. You don't want to pump too much or not enough into your tires. If you need help checking out the pressure, you can ask for guidance from any gas station that near you.

Use rubbing alcohol for your windshield wipers.

Using rubbing alcohol to clean your windshield wipers is certainly one of the brilliant spring cleaning tips for your car to try out. It's so easy for your windshield wipers to get dirty. Since it's constantly wiping off the rain, snow, dirt, dust, debris, and anything else that's stuck on the windshield, a lot of filth starts to build up on them. So it's really important to thoroughly clean them every now and then—especially during spring cleaning!

However, you simply can't clean the wipers with just anything. If you use soap and water, there's a chance that it'll leave streak marks on the windshield when you use the wipers. So, the best way to really clean your car's windshield wipers is by using rubbing alcohol. Since rubbing alcohol kills a large percentage of bacteria and dirt, using rubbing alcohol is the best way to clean your wipers and won't leave any streaks on your windshield.

So many of us love taking our pets for a ride in our cars. And as much as we love taking them, they love riding along with us. So, as excited as they get, they literally get into any space in the car. This usually leaves their fur hanging on every inch of our car seats. If they shed a lot, you bet there's clumps and chunks of your furry friend's fur lingering on your car's seats.

If you haven't touched your car seats for months, then there's a huge chance that the back seats are covered in your pet's fur. The best way to thoroughly get rid of the stubborn strands of fur from the seats is with a pet hair remover! However, not just any pet hair remover, but the one by Fur Wizard. With the wand, you can easily glide it across your seats and pick up all of your dog's fur in an instant. It can also pick up lint from people's clothing and even human hair, too. This is also one of the best car interior cleaning products to get your hands on.

Clean your headlights and taillights with toothpaste and baking soda.

There are times when our headlights and taillights get fogged up. There can be multiple reasons for this, but it's pretty common during the winter from the cold. However, while people deal with fogged up headlights, they actually pay to get brand-new lens. And you certainly don't have to drop money to change your car's headlights!

In fact, you can simply just use toothpaste and baking soda to properly wipe down your headlights and taillights. Among the spring cleaning tips for your car, just combine toothpaste and baking soda together and apply the mixture to your headlights and taillights. Allow it to sit for a couple of minutes before going in with a damp rag or cloth. Once you've finished scrubbing, rinse everything off and your headlights and taillights should look great!

Get into crevices with a toothbrush.

The tighter areas, crevices, and around the buttons in the interior of our car can be a challenge to clean. We attempt to go in there with a tissue and our finger, but most of the time, this doesn't get the job done. And what bothers us the most is that we can still see the dirt and dust in those crevices. There are even times when blowing into them doesn't help.

Instead of straining yourself to get into those tight areas with your finger, a toothbrush can actually work better. Since toothbrushes possess thin and durable bristles, this allows the toothbrush to properly get in there and swiftly pick up and dust and dirt. But make sure you don't use your regular toothbrush... a new one is mostly preferred.

Use Windex to clean your car windows.

Lastly from the best spring cleaning tips for your car to do now is Windex! Windex is a miracle worker when it comes to cleaning any form of glass. From glass windows to glass surfaces, the windows of your car can look absolutely spotless if you wipe them down with Windex. Windex is also one of the greatest exterior car cleaning products.

Since our car windows tend to get filthy often and quickly, it's important to really clean them. As for spring cleaning, spray Windex on every window on your car. This includes your windshield and rear window. Then, wipe down the windows with a rag or cloth.

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