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10 Essential Car Rental Tips while Travelling In India

by Shifa Travels 11 months ago in travel

Car Rental in Ahmedabad

Rent a Car with Driver in India- Some Tips: -

1. Find and reserve a chauffeured car before you arrive:

There are many options for finding a chauffeured car on rent, but finding the right one is more complicated. During the tourist season (November to February) drivers are in great demand and during the low season they usually go on vacation or to their village which does not make things easier. It is for this reason that it is best to book before departure. Your driver will be waiting for you when you arrive and will save you precious time.

2. Find out before you go, listen to the advice of your friends and read the forums:

Organizing your trip is not an easy task, so know how to get the best advice from your friends who have traveled in the region, read the forums to to get an idea of what you are looking for. Above all keep in mind that every trip is different and unique so keep an open mind and don't take anything for hard truth. Depending on what time of year you are leaving a region can change dramatically. So store up as much knowledge as possible, but don't forget that you will have to adapt to the unforeseen events that only you would have the privilege to face!

3. Make sure your driver speaks / understands English:

An important aspect when using a chauffeur-driven car service is communication. If you don’t speak Hindi make sure he speaks English. It can completely change the face of your journey.

4.Ask to be briefed on car conditions and details:

A rare combination in India is the English speaking driver behind the wheel of a good car. It is unusual for the customer to be made aware of details regarding insurance, luggage space, car mileage and other "little" details of importance. Don't hesitate to ask for a photo to get an idea of the vehicle.

5. Check what is or is not included in the final price:

Before paying the bill, a little check is necessary. Normally the price should include taxes of all kinds (state tax, border tax, ...), the driver's salary, gasoline and other related expenses. Check it out and set off with peace of mind as some unscrupulous drivers will charge you "extras" throughout the trip.

6. Don't go on a taxi adventure:

With the current system no one can guarantee that the driver or the car is safe. A good agency can make sure for you that both (car and driver) are able to provide you with quality service, by making constant checks.

Using the services of a taxi for your excursions will cost you more and will be much less profitable than reserving your car with a driver at an agency for a longer time.

7. Repeat several times to make sure the information has been understood:

Beginning your sentence with a "yes" is specific to Indians but does not mean that they have entered your entire sentence. Put it down differently to make sure you've made yourself understood.

8. Ask the driver to drive at your convenience:

Indian roads can quickly become your worst nightmare, mixing reckless drivers, animals and deformation of the roadway of all kinds, it is better to have a good heart.

Each driver will have his own way of driving and will not necessarily understand your confusion about his driving. When faced with this, explain it to him and ask him to adapt to you and reduce his speed according to your expectations.

9. Discuss the route plan with the driver the night before or in the morning before leaving:

The driver will follow your instructions, but it is best to talk to him beforehand to settle the logistical details. He can add ideas for restaurants or places to visit according to his own knowledge of the region which is not indicated in any guide.

10. Opt instead for a reservation through an agency:

You will surely find through your friends or the forums positive opinions on self-employ

ed drivers but if you call on them you would only deal with them and their vehicle, which could be dangerous in the event of problems. Changing car or driver along the way will be a real pain if you have called on a private individual.

The agencies will be able to replace your car and driver quickly and at no additional cost. The agencies generally offer a feasible itinerary and reserve certain stages of your trip for you.

Shifa Travels
Shifa Travels
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