Why do I live in Delhi?

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I am often questioned about the fact that I continue to live in Delhi despite it having so many problems. Here are my reasons.....

Why do I live in Delhi?
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I have been living in Delhi for the past 30 years. After my marriage, I shifted from Jaipur to Delhi and never looked back. But nowadays, I am often asked this question – ‘Why do you still live in Delhi?’ The question doesn’t surprise me. Delhi had been facing lots of issues recently. The traffic jams were always there, but the rising pollution levels are really a health hazard. In recent years, the city had witnessed some of the most horrific crimes against women and it is not safe to go alone at night. Recent riots in Delhi have only aggravated the situation. But I still prefer to live in Delhi. One of the major reasons is the habit. This has been my home for decades and I have become used to the city, its roads, its people, and the environment. I am not willing to adjust myself to a new city and new challenges. But there is much more which keeps me in Delhi.

• Wherever you go to Delhi, you will find trees, gardens, and widespread green spaces. Every major colony has parks for its residents making it convenient for them to walk, play, and relax in the lush surroundings. We have broad roads which are bordered with trees. This feature is missing in most of the cities of India.

• If you leave the Southern part of India, Delhi enjoys a very central location. You can reach most cities in India within two hours by plane. That makes it a very convenient city to live in.

• Due to its central location, Delhi is very well connected to all the cities of India – by railways and airways. All the international flights land in Delhi and you get the best fares to all parts of the world.

• If you are living in Delhi, you get a chance to enjoy all seasons – winter, summer, monsoon, spring, and autumn. All seasons, except summers, are in moderation. You can wear all sorts of clothes depending on the current season.

Delhi is multi-cultural. People from all over India, belonging to different castes and religions live here in harmony. This broadens your horizons, makes you more tolerant, and adds zing to your life.

• As so many communities are living together, we are able to taste the cuisines of so many regions. Delhi has one of the best restaurants and street food in India. We get not only Indian cuisines but every type of international cuisines can be found here. And the standards can match any Western or Eastern country. A big plus point for a foodie like me.

• One of the reasons I love living in Delhi is the amazing shopping options I get here. From top international brands to best Indian brands, from Indian to western I am able to buy everything in Delhi. I might be in a mood to splurge or looking for some street shopping – there is no dearth of options for shopping in Delhi

• Delhi has the best colleges in India. This combined with terrific job opportunities has made Delhi the most sought-after cities in the country

• Last reason, but not the least, is Delhi Metro. It is world-class, very efficient, and well-connected. It makes living and traveling in Delhi so much easier and quicker. No city in India can come anywhere near the local transport infrastructure.

All the above-mentioned reasons make me love Delhi. I know Delhi is not perfect and it has more than its share of problems. But there are lots of positives which make living in Delhi a pleasure.

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