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When Paradise Is Underrated: An Insight Into Montenegro’s Most Luxurious Marina

Porto Montenegro is a marina like no other. Awarded Superyacht Marina of Distinction in 2017 for its continual excellence, it beat over 150 international competitors.

By Dess LyapovaPublished 5 years ago 2 min read

And for a reason. A hidden gem? Europe’s best-kept secret? A Balkan paradise? Unmissable yacht lovers’ stop? Definitions that come close, yet fail to convey fully, the fairy-tale likeness of this destination—that has something to offer for everyone.

Porto Montenegro is extravagant, yet not intimidating. It is just the right size. It proves that a resort can be luxurious, eventful and tranquil at the same time. It strikes the perfect balance, which is vital when choosing a holiday or investment spot.

The country of Montenegro is a crossroad of civilisations, exhibiting traits of the Asian and the European. Parts of it were ruled by the Ottomans for over 400 years, while the coast, with the Bay of Kotor, where the marina is located, remained under Venetian control from the 15th to the 18th century. Once there, you are bound to stop and wonder how historically and culturally rich a country can be. Indeed, Montenegro drew from the diversity of the societies that inhabited it. A former Roman province of Dalmatia, it still relays an Italian charm as you wander around its stone towns, paved streets and ancient ruins. However, Montenegro has been less exploited—with its underrated, uncultivated beauty, it is a country mesmerising in its specificity. Even after the breakup of Yugoslavia, Montenegro kept its coastal line and remains a safe place to live, travel and explore. Harmony and peace encapsulate the atmosphere. Its people, the Montenegrins, are cultured polyglots and international professionals, always happy to help and ensure you fall in love with their piece of heaven. While not part of the EU, the currency is euro, which makes it easy to exchange money and savour the marina’s waterfront luxury shopping scene offering world’s most exclusive fashion and lifestyle brands such as Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Dior, Cartier.

The stunning and expansive Porto Montenegro is a relatively new creation. Situated in the coastal town of Tivat, it is within easy reach of Budva, famous for its attractive sandy beaches and unique nightlife, and the picturesque islet of St. Stefan, with lush grounds and marvelous views of the Adriatic. The port itself, also a winner of the Gold Anchor prize, features infinity pools and rooftop bars. Guests can indulge in fantastic seafood, experience Montenegrin fine dining and a wide selection of vintages, as the country represents one of the Ancient World wine regions. For the nocturnal party lovers, the Platinum nightclub, also called ‘the sexiest place on earth’, provides world-class entertainment with its premium cocktail bar, VIP area and designer interior. The marina also lures the more aesthetically oriented visitors with a distinct social calendar of wine tastings and art exhibitions. Those opting for a quiet night would not be disappointed either—a romantic walk by the water allows the observation of numerous artists painting, inspired by the calm, deep blue sea and the reflections of the moonlight. What’s more, Porto Montenegro Yacht Club holds a number of regattas, among which are the Arsenal Cup (July 14) and the Thousand Islands Race (September 23) for offshore sailors, wishing to explore the beautiful coastline between Rijeka (Croatia) and Tivat (Montenegro).

The salty turquoise waters contrasting with the intensely green Montenegrin forests is a view reminiscent of the Norwegian fjords, but the Mediterranean climate makes this destination even more attractive. It invites for a swim and an endless warm evening by the pool or on the yacht when the port is bathed in pink sunlight.

Porto Montenegro is for the nomads and the bohemians; all genuine appreciators of luxurious, stylish extravaganza, deep cultural heritage and pure wild beauty.


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