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What Kind of Person Moves to Another Country?

by William "Skip" Licht 2 years ago in central america · updated 3 months ago
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Costa Rica is full of those individuals & families who made the decision to change their lives totally!

There has to be a huge motivating factor behind making a huge move in one's life! What's behind the need to change everything? We asked a lot of people this question!

We all become comfortable in our lives, don't we? I know you have a junk drawer in your kitchen area. . a place where you can find anything and everything that is necessary to live! Perhaps a spool of thread and a button or two. Maybe there's a measuring tape, a pair of shoe laces. . even a couple of aaa batteries in case the remote dies on you!

We are creatures of habit. . wouldn't you agree? We like what we like and we become set in our ways. And one would think that the older you get, the more you would want to not mix it up. You live in a nice area. . you know where all the good spots to eat are. Everybody knows you and calls you by your first name when you walk in! Comfortable, cozy, easy. . it's almost like you are in a groove and you're just coasting along. Your car drives by itself in the neighborhood because those left and right turns are so natural. You've been here for 20 years.

Nothing wrong with any of this. In fact, why would one even think about changing their life? It would be like taking a cold shower. Not necessary. A hot shower feels better. Why change now? What are the benefits? Why would you do it?

We have found that most of the people who move to Costa Rica are very happy with their lives. They are positive-thinking individuals and seem to have no fear about the future and what it may bring. What lies ahead for them. . no one knows. . but they simply want something different.

It may have been brought on by their kids going to college and/or starting a family of their own. Perhaps they are retiring soon and they want a real change! Now they don't have a reason to stay. They may have been to Costa Rica on vacation a few times and something just felt good about it. After their fourth or fifth visit, they started thinking about what it would be like to live here.

So then, they make a trip especially to sort out a few things. Where is the best place to live? How much does it cost to live here? Can I get my prescriptions filled here? How about my mail? Can I bring a gun? Do I ship my household furnishings and my vehicle here or do I start fresh? How do I open a bank account? Do I acquire legal status or remain a perpetual tourist? How about my dog? There's so many things to think about and those two weeks spent here in paradise, asking a lot of questions and talking to a lot of others who made the move already may have been very productive! Getting closer now. . feeling better about it.

So then they return to their home country and sit down and finally DECIDE to do it. Ok, now what? Where do we start? When do we leave? Do we buy a home or do we rent for a while? How do we tell our family? They're going to think we're nutzzz!

Their next trip back to Costa Rica is in a few weeks. They now are returning to Costa Rica to go to that specific town that they chose to live in for a while. They decided to rent for a year or so. That is recommended! That way, you can explore the country and find out what area serves you best. Where will you be most comfortable? They find a nice place to rent and they begin to make their arrangements to return for good. No turning back now! Full steam ahead. .

Returning home now to finalize everything feels wonderful. They know what they want and they've decided, without a doubt, that it's time!

Everything somehow gets worked out and they are leaving in one week. They're moving to Costa Rica. . the land of the "Pura Vida Lifestyle". Pretty exciting. VERY EXCITING actually!

This is how it usually goes. The timeline seems complicated at first. But, everything seems to work out. All their plans are in order and all of their ducks are in a row. . Excuse me, "All of their TOUCANS are in a row"!

If you're one of those people who are considering a move to Costa Rica. . start the process. Don't lollygag! But, make sure that Costa Rica is for you. Don't THINK that you want to move here. KNOW that you want to call "Costa Rica" ~"HOME"~

You're invited to visit our websites at www.costaricagoodnewsreport.com & www.costaricaimmigrationandmovingexperts.com

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About the author

William "Skip" Licht

Costa Rica is a magical place. Since November, 2002, when I first visited this country, I have been in love with the people, the culture, its biodiversity, the food. . everything about it makes me happy! Now I share my excitement with you!

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