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What is the difference between a flight reservation and an actual flight ticket?

What should I need to book a flight reservation or an actual flight ticket for my visa application?

What is the difference between a flight reservation and an actual flight ticket?
Flight Reservation For Visa

What did I need to purchase a flight reservation or an actual flight ticket?

Before talking about "how to get a flight reservation for a visa application?" it is necessary to find the difference between an actual flight ticket or flight reservation.

What is an actual flight ticket?

You can buy an actual flight ticket from any travel agency or airline by spending an amount and book a plane ticket for travel to your destination.

Here are some other following names of a flight ticket:

Boarding pass

Airline ticket


Plane tickets

Airplane ticket

The above names use for flight tickets.

You can buy a flight ticket for the following top class airlines also:

Qatar Airways

Singapore Airlines

ANA All Nippon Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways



Hainan Airlines

Qantas Airways


Thai Airways

Japan Airlines

Garuda Indonesia

Swiss International Air Lines

China Southern Airlines

Austrian Airline

Air New Zealand

But, purchasing an actual flight ticket is the best choice when you make travel, not for the visa application process. Because when you are going to submit your visa application, you don't know will your visa application accepted or rejected by the embassy. So, using an actual flight ticket at the time of visa application processing is losing a lot of money.

Here is the alternative.

What is Flight Reservation?

A flight reservation is not an actual flight ticket, it just a reservation of your travel on the airline's system. You can book a flight reservation for a visa application at a very low cost.

One more thing I need to mention here that most of the embassy also recommends attaching the flight reservation instead of an actual flight ticket with your visa application.

The reason for attaching a flight reservation is saving money because the visa application process is not a simple cake and you do not know anything about acceptance or rejection.

While purchasing a dummy air ticket for the visa application’s purpose, you should make sure that it is verifiable. It means that the visa officer can verify it by entering a unique six-digit alphanumeric code on the airline’s website. If it is verifiable, the website will display all the information of the applicant including his/her full name, entrance date, departure date, and proposed flight routes along with a complete flight itinerary.

If the website does not redirect the visa officer to the information tab and an error appears, it means that you have been scammed and your dummy flight reservation is not verifiable. This will result in the rejection of the application. Sigh!

A dummy reservation is also called a flight reservation for visa application, flight itinerary for visa application, or travel itinerary.

So, always attach a verifiable flight reservation with your visa application, no need to submit an actual flight ticket with the visa application.

Flight reservation is also known as:

Booked Flight Itinerary

Flight Itinerary for Visa Application

Flight Reservation

Air Ticket Booking

Dummy Air Ticket for Visa

Dummy Ticket

Flight Confirmation

Should I purchase a Dummy Air Ticket or An Actual Air Ticket?

For visa application purposes, always purchase a dummy air ticket. The reason behind this recommendation is that a dummy flight reservation costs only a petty amount; the price varies from $10 to $30 depending upon various factors including urgency, proposed route (s), etc.

Note* The price of the dummy ticket listed above is for a single traveler. As the number of applicants increases, the price will increase too accordingly.

Now an actual air ticket can cost you as much as USD 1000. Now in case, your visa application is rejected for any reason whatsoever, you will lose all or greater chunk of your hard-earned money that you spent on an actual air ticket.

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