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What is the city of Adelaide famous for?

A City of Churches and So Much More!

By william barryPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
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Adelaide! The capital city of South Australia retains a presence and identity that is unrivalled across the country. Home to a rich array of entertainment options, cultural edifices and a proud history to come into contact with, the city stands on the cusp of attracting a larger number of tourists in the near future. Herein is a slew of reasons why Adelaide is a famous locale that would warrant a visit.

Adelaide is dubbed the “City of Churches” for good reason

Over the years, the city of Adelaide has been the subject of numerous nicknames and from these, arguably, the most famed is the fact that Adelaide is fondly referred to as the “City of Churches.” Adding to the magic and peaceful ambience that descend over the city, these places of worship are both historic sites and recent inclusions which combine to enhance the image and reputation of Adelaide. Therefore, when one wanders throughout the city, it wouldn’t be too long before the vistas of a church fall into focus as Adelaide is known to have a church at every corner. Overall, one will be well placed to stumble upon a lengthy list of beautifully designed churches, each different from the other and with its own unique story to tell.

The city is known as the “20-minute city”

Given the diminutive nature of Adelaide, it should come as no surprise to you when tasked with having to access a cross-section of attractions and destinations in little next to no time whatsoever. This is because any point in the city can be accessed in a matter of 20 minutes and thus, Adelaide is called the “20-minute city.” Equipped with this thought, one will not encounter any hassles or inconveniences en route to reaching and delighting in the area’s countless tourist hotspots that range from the Adelaide Zoo, Rundle Mall and Adelaide Zoo which are found in close proximity to Avani Adelaide Residences.

The Royal Adelaide Hospital is the 3rd most expensive building in the world

In short, Adelaide boasts a vast quantity of talking points and from these, the Royal Adelaide Hospital deserves more than its fair share of discussion. Recently built at a staggering cost amounting to AUD 2.7 billion, the acclaimed Royal Adelaide Hospital is at the time of writing the largest building to ever see the light of day in Australia. Added to this, the Hospital has left an indelible mark in history as the 3rd most expensive building in the whole world.

The largest collection of aboriginal artefacts is found in Adelaide

Although not known to many, Adelaide lays claim to the largest collection of aboriginal artefacts. Housed within the four walls of the impressive South Australia Museum, the visitor will be escorted on an insightful journey where the early beginnings and present times of the nation’s indigenous communities are portrayed and captured outstandingly well. Residing at nearby hotels in Adelaide City will offer you ease of access to this heritage site.

Explore the wide and bright world of opals

Adding to its growing list of nicknames is the fact that Adelaide is also called the “Opal Capital of Australia.” Therefore, be prepared to lighten your purse and pockets accordingly as you seek out the best-selling opals in the world that would, in turn, make for excellent gifts and souvenirs for family and friends back home.

Adelaide is a city of firsts

As you delve into the intricate tapestry of the city's history, you'll uncover Adelaide's pioneering spirit in forward-thinking initiatives. This legacy is evident at pivotal moments, with Adelaide claiming the title of the first Australian locale to acknowledge indigenous land rights and extend voting rights to women. Furthermore, the city's government took a groundbreaking step as the first in Australia to initiate measures criminalising racial and sexual discrimination.

The city was a free settlement  

Adelaide was established in 1836 and functioned as a planned capital for free English settlers. In the aftermath of the same, the city rose to prominence as the country’s sole capital that did not house convicts. Further, a majority of residents had no record of criminal activity and when compared with neighbouring cities, the crime rate was low and as a result, local authorities did not see a reason to construct prisons. 

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