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What are the Do's and Don'ts of Traveling Solo?

by Tiffany Harper about a year ago in solo travel

Traveling is one of the best experiences you can have in this life because every time you travel you gain a different experience and it opens up hundreds of unique opportunities.

What are the Do's and Don'ts of Traveling Solo?

Traveling is also giving yourself one of the best opportunities that nothing else can—to discover and rediscover yourself.

There are few people who truly know themselves, and many of those people traveled the word or still are traveling. Now when I talk about traveling I don’t refer to that type of traveling with many friends and tour guides and with a basic touristic route to follow.

I mean to experience the beauty of that place on your own, having nothing to follow but your heart, instincts, and desires. Solo traveling is the most life-changing experience one will probably have in his whole life.

Therefore, if you’re up to change your life, in today’s post we’re presenting what are the do’s and don’ts of traveling solo.


Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning is the golden rule when you travel solo. Of course, it’s important when you travel in general, but it’s definitely a must when you’re doing it alone according to a Uni Assignment Help expert. You see, with an outstanding plan, you get to see many places and to meet great people along your journey.

If you don’t plan ahead, you’ll find yourself roaming around wondering where you should head towards next and waste precious time, which means you'll lose a lot of opportunities and always be in a hurry because you lose too much time.

Tell Someone Where You Are

Someone should always know where you are in general, but if you’re traveling alone, this should be mandatory, especially if you’re a girl, since the chances to defend yourself are lower.

Your safety is the most important thing you have, and for the wrongdoers, you are the perfect person to steal from or to harm since you’re alone out there with no one around you willing to jump in a fight for you, relayed an online assignment help specialist. Therefore, just let someone know where you are—your parents, your partner in life, your friends, or even someone from your accommodation.

Get Travel Insurance

Unexpected things can happen all the time, even when you’re in your own country. But at least in your country, you have health insurance so the bills are not a problem.

But when you’re traveling in a foreign country, the bills can get extremely expensive, and if you don’t want to spend your next years (probably) to pay the hospital if something bad happens to you, you’d better get travel insurance.

Keep Your Possessions Safe

Most thieves roam around populated touristic places because they can get lost easily and there are tourists with a lot of cash on them. It’s simple logic. Now that you know this, you should ensure that your possessions are always in a safe place where the hands of thieves can’t reach.

As well, do yourself a favor and try to appear less like a tourist and more like a normal local person so you won’t draw too much attention to you, since it will be pretty obvious that you’re alone, as https://www.aussiessay.com/ advises.


In general, I never advise anyone to lie, is not a good habit and I do not respect it. But when it comes to lying to escape from a dangerous or uncomfortable situation, I always advise lying as your life depends on how good you manage to lie.

When you’re alone in an unknown territory, you’re easy prey, the easiest actually, according to the best reviews on essay writing services. So, it’s best if you have a fake name to use for traveling purposes and even a fake social account if you want to make new friends and stay safe at the same time.

Oh, and always lie about your accommodation and about what you’re actually doing in this country and, of course, about the fact that you travel alone—always mention that your friends wait for you at the hotel or something.

Write & Read

Writing and reading can be your best friends ever when you travel. Writing your experiences is one of the best ways to preserve beautiful memories, especially if you attach Polaroid pictures in your travel journal.

As well, reading a great book is the one thing that can save you from the boring, long plane flights, especially if you don’t have a seat next to the window, but it’s all you need for any long road; that and good music in your headphones.

Find Photographers

One thing that all solo travelers struggle with is taking pictures with themselves and a beautiful view or monument. Selfies aren’t great options, but neither is asking a stranger since he can always run with your phone or camera. Therefore, your solution would be to find a photographer, and at least this way you know that you’ll have amazing pictures to put in your album.


Be Alone

Before you question it and say “how can I not be alone when I travel alone?” let me explain what I mean. Not being alone when you travel solo means to stay in places where you’re surrounded by people. Not necessarily in the crowds, but make sure that you don’t find yourself wandering around dark streets at night with no one nearby, advises the best custom writing service.

Sacrifice Your Safety

Your safety is the most precious thing you have. Therefore, never put yourself in a situation in which you think that you might put your safety at risk, and never sacrifice your safety no matter how tempting the experience might be.

Fail to Prepare

The last thing you want to do is to go on a solo trip unprepared. Now I don’t refer to cheap things that you can easily replace like a toothbrush or slippers. I mean proper clothing like hiking shoes, which can be expensive, or a special gadget you need.

Also, in some countries, alcohol can be really expensive, so you’d better bring it from home; that’s why you have to make sure you are prepared.

Pack Your Whole House, but Make Sure You Have All You Need

When you travel solo you should always pack light with only the things that you know you’ll need and use. Not many clothes, as no one will be able to tell that you’re wearing the same t-shirt for two days because no one knows you.

The more you pack ,the more things you have to carry around and look after, which will make your traveling less of a pleasant experience, according to Law Essay. But while you pack light, make sure that you pack absolutely all you need.

Forget to Take Something That Will Keep This Memories Alive

Memories are all we have after every experience we live in this life, but the memories are even more powerful when we can attach them to a specific object that will always remind us of those good old times when we did that funny thing in that country.

Therefore, don’t forget to take something from that place that will keep all the memories from that trip there stay alive.


Traveling solo is the best way to travel, but you must take staying safe very seriously. I mean, it can be your life at stake after all. Usually, I don’t agree to lie under any circumstances, but when a good lie can save you from a dangerous situation, I’m down for it.

As beautiful as the world can be, sometimes unexpected “surprises” happen and all everyone dear to you wants is to know that you are happy and safe, so make sure that you follow our do’s and don’ts to achieve that. Good luck with changing your life for the better!

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