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What are the Best things to do in Orlando, Florida?

Gear up for the most amazing trip to city Orlando without taking forever to think what to do.....

By Ashish KumarPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
What are the Best things to do in Orlando, Florida?
Photo by Amy Humphries on Unsplash

When you think of Orlando – you could probably make a vivid picture of theme parks, attractions, cruise lines, museums, and luxurious restaurants in your mind. Since there are myriad things to explore in the city, you would not get enough time to plan things and visit your desired location.

For example, if you have planned to visit two locations at the same time, the Madame Tussauds Museum and Orlando Science Center. You probably need to enjoy the fun of being there and also need to manage time effectively.

So, either you have to book a car or a scooter from a mobility website like rentorlandoscooters.com. The cost is quite affordable and is surely a onetime business for you. So, the ultimate goal is to get as much time as possible in your hand. But, what if you are completely new to city and don’t actually know – what, where, and how to visit the popular locations?

Don’t worry.

If you’re planning for a trip to Orlando, but don’t know what places to visit. We have round up an incredible list of places and activities you can do in the fun city. Let’s check them out.

1. Visit the Walt Disney World Resort.

By Jorge Martínez, instagram @jmartinezz9 on Unsplash

The Disney theme parks are like heaven to Disney fans. Thankfully, four out of the five most visited theme parks of the United States are in Orlando. This includes the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Disney's Hollywood Studios. To add an extra layer of fun, this resort has Disney World's two water Parks. Don't miss them on your visit to the Disney Resort.

2. Explore the Space in Kennedy Space Centre

By Terence Burke on Unsplash

Kennedy Space Centre allows people to experience the life of an astronaut. Moreover, advanced technologies will enable you to get a realistic idea of life in space. One of the main things to visit is the Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit suspended in a way that is in outer space. At last, we cannot neglect the knowledge you'll get to know after visiting this space center. If you are fond of Star Wars movies, then you won't regret visiting this place.

3. Explore the ancient arts in Orlando Museum

By Quinn Villarreal on Unsplash

The museum of art in Orlando is home to several African and American crafts. This museum helps people know and learn about ancient arts. Apart from the vibrant arts, this museum has a collection of jewelry, ceramics, and Tiffany Glass.

4. Enjoy the Observational Wheel in the ICON Park.

By Debby Hudson on Unsplash

The best way to have a 360-degree view of Orlando city is to visit the ICON Orlando. It is a 400ft high observational wheel. Undoubtedly, you can explore the whole Orlando city in a single go from this wheel. Apart from this, the ICON park has several restaurants perfect for dates and reunions.

5. Visit the Universal Orlando Resort

By Lisanne koek on Unsplash

Want to have a realistic experience of your favorite superheroes. If you do, the Universal Orlando Resort is the best place to visit. This place is famous among kids and adults. It has a theme park based on all time favorite superheroes. From Harry Potter to Marvel's Universe, this resort is themed with all-time favorite superheroes.

Furthermore, this resort has about eight themed islands with some fun-packed rides. Some of the most popular rides are the Hogwarts Express, the fantastic Spiderman ride, and the hulk coaster.

6. Experience the Food and Culture of Orlando in the Winter Park

Winter Park has developed amazingly in the past decade. It has one of the best restaurants in the city. If you want to taste some delicious dishes, you can visit these restaurants serving a wide variety of food. Furthermore, Winter Park has numerous retailers selling handmade goods representing their culture. And yes, don't miss the wonderful boat tour of winter park.

7. Enjoy a day with the Marine Animals at Discovery Cove

You can visit Discovery Cove, a resort where you can explore some friendly marine animals. The main highlight of this resort is the Dolphins. You can swim with dolphins in the pools of this resort. This resort is more like a private island. You will get to see other marine animals like stingrays and snorkels.

8. Spend a day with the Alligators

Credit: Wikipedia

Gatorland in Orlando has the most extensive collection of alligators, thus naming it the world's alligator capital. But the exciting thing here is the gator wrestling. This place is like an alligator circus. You can explore many spices of reptiles here. If you are interested in Wildlife, then this is perfect for spending a day out.

9. Lake Eola Park

After experiencing the food and fun of Orlando, you can spend a day peacefully in Eola Park. This is a beautiful park on the bank of Lake Eola. The beautiful lawns and flowerbeds make it a perfect place to spend some time peacefully. Moreover, this park has good hustle on Sunday. You can find several vendors at the south-eastern corner.

Final Words

Travelling is all about discovering the undiscovered and snapping the picture to make life time memories. The wonderful city of Orlando entails numerous amazing places, locations, and delightful meals that would certainly make you to comeback in the future. Now – it is time for you keep rolling and be prepared to mesmerize by the most surprising city on the planet.

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