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Welcome to Paradise

by Martyna Dearing about a year ago in couples travel

take me back to Maui

Welcome to Paradise
Photo by Strauss Western on Unsplash

Can you believe it's May already? Just in two weeks I was supposed to be at the Boston Calling Festival having the time of my life. Meanwhile we are all stuck at home. Trip was cancelled, obviously... I keep on working harder than ever. It feels like everyone is enjoying their time at home and wasting time binge watching Netflix while I'm busier than ever.

This year was supposed to be full of passion, full of traveling and getting more states on my " 've been there, 've done that" list. This year I was supposed to take my husband to Europe for the very first time. Wait, actually we were supposed to get married in first place in front of 100 people but that actually didn't work out either.

So if you ask me where I'd like to escape from all of the craziness and negativity I don't even think about new adventures that at this moment are impossible to plan. I think about the best 3 weeks of my life that happened last December and that was our "pre-honeymoon".

My perfect day in Maui...? People who know me would expect a crazy plan, plenty of organizing and an alarm set up for 7AM sharp. But not in Maui...

In Maui I wake up whenever I wake up. There's this Airbnb on the west side (link below). It's a small apartment with a rocky and kind of sketchy beach right beside it. There's a farmers market across the street so I start my day with getting some breakfast from there. We eat outside on our balcony and then go for a walk around the neighbourhood. After an hour or two (mostly spent on souvenir shopping) we take our rental car and start driving around.

The best thing about Maui is that you don't need a plan. You just drive and drive and at some point you decide to stop. You can't go wrong as long as you go along the coastline. We get plenty of snacks on the way. At some point we get bored. I pull out my phone, open AllTrails app, find the closest trail and we start hiking.

It’s raining at some point. After all, it’s Hawaii, it rains here at least once a day. We end up having a mud fight and we run around throwing the mud at each other. There are not that many people passing but sometimes there’s one person or two and they look at us like we were insane. Maybe we are...

We always keep our hiking boots in the trunk and then flip flops in separate bags just in case if we get too dirty to drive in our boots.

We hike for a few hours, getting sweaty and exhausted. Finally we get to the top and it's all worth it. It's so beautiful it's hard to describe. Have you ever seen Jurassic Park? Well, that's close enough just way better in real life! I keep on saying "amazing" under my breath.

By Satty Singh on Unsplash

When we get back to the car it's almost night time. We drive back to our Airbnb, take a quick shower, change and head to the food truck park that is close by. Both of us get something completely different and then we share with each other. Finally I try that huge pineapple drink I always wanted. We take it back to our mini beach and we sit in the dark listening to the waves. We're this cute but kinda disgusting couple who keeps on repeating "I love you" and kissing each other all the time. We get deep into some philosophical conversations and finally we head back to Airbnb.

We put Ink Master on and eat Ben & Jerry's until I pass out on the couch. Drew wakes me up after an hour and makes me go brush my teeth and go to the bed.

It was a good day. And I hope it will be one day… once again.

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Martyna Dearing
Martyna Dearing
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