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Typical Dishes

by Simon Beast 2 months ago in product review
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Typical Dishes

Typical Dishes
Photo by Nathalia Segato on Unsplash

The beautiful region of Puglia in southeastern Italy is known for its many charms, and one of its Apulian Culinary practices.

Its sunny, windy climate encourages the cultivation of essential raw materials, such as extra virgin olive oil, which gives the food that amazing natural flavor - especially fish, vegetables, fresh cheese, and fine local wine.

So what are you waiting for? Discover 10 common unforgettable Apulian dishes. (Warning: this article may make your mouth watery).


Round, tall, and full of tomatoes and olives, focaccia is the queen of Apulian street food and should not be missed in Puglia.

You will find it everywhere in one of its many names. Try on onions, aubergines, vegetables, meat, cheese, and more. Warm and crunchy, perfect as a great meal or snack at any time of the day.


Apulian Friselle is a fresh, lightly eaten summer dish that has almost become a building of fame. It contains crunchy (like a cracker) Taralli prepared with durum wheat flour and sliced ​​horizontally in the middle and baked until fried.

According to local tradition, Apulian Friselle should only be served with tomatoes, garlic, oil, and salt.


Panzerotti is a type of dough substitute (like a calzone) fried and concentrated. The old one is stuffed with tomatoes and mozzarella but can also be stuffed with ham and mozzarella.

It is important to eat it very hot immediately after removing it from the oil so that as soon as it is opened, the mozzarella will come out. There is also a baked Panzerotti, but the Apulian people say they should not be called "Panzerotti".

Orecchiette alle cime di rapa

The name of this new pasta is derived from its composition: concave disk, which is smooth on one side and hard on the other, reminiscent of one small ear (in Italian "Orecchiette" literally means "Little Ears").

These are among the most common Apulian dishes, and there is no restaurant or trattoria without a menu, cooked in a variety of ways including tomato sauce, meat sauce, or vegetables.

But the old recipe has turnips (Cime di Rapa). If you happen to be in Puglia during the summer months, remember that the turnips are completely out of date, but there will be a smart cook who will be keeping the stock in the fridge for the winter.

Riso, Patate and Cozze

Land and sea flavors are integrated into the Riso bowl, Patate in Cozze. Includes rice, potatoes, and mussels. Originally the typical Apulian dishes that were cooked to commemorate feast days are now commonplace.

It is a great tasty meal, to be eaten hot, freshly baked, but also to enjoy the cold during the summer months. Think of it as another rice salad.

Linguine ai Ricci

For those who love shellfish, Linguine with sea urchins is a must-have. It is a simple and easy first lesson that you should enjoy very little. Ingredients? Just linguine (a type of flat spaghetti), sea urchins, garlic, parsley, and beautiful Apulian olive oil.

Tasting it at a restaurant near the sea can add a sense of sensitivity.


If you smell the roasted meat in the streets of Valle d’Itria, it is because the butchers are full of meat.

This dish is the tradition of the Culinary Hinterland of Apulian, hearty in Cisternino, considered the capital of Fornelli (a restaurant) where you can eat grilled meat and sausages.

But the real specialty is the Bombette: small meatballs stuffed with cheese, salt, pepper, spices, even though Fornello has its secret recipe.

The first one he gave them, almost forty years ago, appears to be a Martina Franca butcher but its popularity extends throughout Valle d’Itria and beyond.

Cicoria's favorite

Fave in Cicorie is a typical Apulian rustic dish as delicious. It is easy to make this dish as there are only two ingredients: wide boiled and fresh dried beans and wild chicory, a spicy wild plant.


Pasticciotto is small cakes from Salento but these days you can find them all over Puglia. They are small tarts full of cream and usually black cherry.

This Apulian confectionery often comes with some new fillings. If you are looking for the right coffee companion, here are the ones.


This dessert is made from a small paper-shaped dough - Carta means paper - and is based on the Gargano tradition of Arab power.

It is a typical Christmas drink, but it is occasionally prepared and is widely available in the region.

The flavor comes from the honey or vincotto (cooked wine) spice and sometimes both. They last a few days so you can buy them as a souvenir to eat later.

Are your taste buds biting? Already booked your flight to Puglia?

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