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Traveling With Your Vape A Simple Guide For Stress-Free Holiday

Packing Your Vape Juice And Pens

By Jessica SmithPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Do you like to travel around the world and, at the same time, carry vape with you to make the trip more exciting and worthwhile? If your answer is yes, then there are a few things that you need to consider. In this article, we will discuss how to carry your vape pen while traveling to various countries and enjoy vaping at your destination. Vaping has become an accepted norm in travel culture. Vaping has become an accepted norm in travel culture, and E-cigarettes are socially acceptable by the younger generations. Among them, many do not know the criteria for carrying vapes when traveling abroad.

It is better to carry your vape pens during your travels than smoke cigarettes. But before taking your vape pen with you, it is better to know the law and regulation of the respective countries on vape devices.

Is Vaping Legal in Airports?

A lot of people think that smoking or vaping in airports is illegal. It is right in some manner; that is, you cannot just hold on to your devices and start vaping in the middle of any airport. The airport security guards will catch you and confiscate the equipment. Instead, every airport has a designated smoking zone or a room where you can go and enjoy your smoke. Always remember to smoke in those areas and not anywhere else.

When it comes to vaping on the plane, it is illegal. Airlines will only allow you to carry it and not smoke in the flight. On Spirit airways, people were caught vaping and then arrested by the authorities and put behind bars. So, the next time you’re on a plane and have an urge to vape, control yourself and wait until the plane lands to the destination, and then you are free to smoke in the airport's smoking zone. One can check out premium halo e juices and enjoy vaping.

Know The Law Of The Country

When traveling to a different country, you must know the country's laws and regulations. Some countries like Ireland, Denmark, Mauritius, etc. do not allow people to smoke any substance outdoors or in public places. In some states, it is also considered a crime. Therefore, you should consider it when traveling. E-cigarettes or vaping laws can be different for some countries. It would be best if you also got familiarized with the vaping industries of any country. It won't be easy for you to find a well-stocked vape shop in your destination country.

Airline Regulations

Airline regulation is the most crucial point that you need to consider before traveling. If you ever plan to go to Thailand, Brazil, or India, you should remember that E-cigarettes are entirely banned in these countries. So, it will be impossible for you to carry your vape device. Some airlines will not allow you to bring your e-cigarettes while traveling. Some airline authorities do allow taking vapes as long as you follow their policies. You must make sure to place your vape pens, liquids, and batteries in your hand luggage and never keep it on you or place it in your check-in luggage. Always keep it in a very safe place.

Packing Your Vape Juice And Pens

When packing your gear, you need to consider all the possible outcomes. Almost all of the airlines will not allow you to carry liquid, which is more than 100ml. Always take your vape juice in a 100ml bottle. It is still advisable to empty your vape tank when traveling on a plane; otherwise, it will be confiscated by the authorities. Emptying your vape tank will save a lot of time and effort on your side. When it comes to batteries, you need to purchase a battery case. You will be required to place all the cells in a separate battery case. Putting the batteries in a case will save you a lot of money and time as the authorities might throw away your batteries.

Extra Tips For Flying With Vape Devices

- As per the TSA rules, you should place all devices in a 1-quart plastic bag.

-If the vape devices use chargeable batteries, then always carry your battery charger.

-European countries have a set limit of 20mg/ml of nicotine only.

Be Patient When Explaining

Here comes your biggest hurdle; it is paramount that you explain everything about the device in detail, especially when going through the security check. Vape devices are relatively new in some countries, and not everybody knows about vaping. The authorities may think that it is an inflammatory object and confiscate the equipment. Therefore, you must tell all the details about the device.


Now, you know all the precautions to be taken when traveling to different countries with vapes. It would be best if you remembered that charging your battery and vaping on a plane is prohibited. Make sure to double-check all the rules and restrictions of the airlines as well as the country. The last thing you need to do is pack your product correctly and with safety precautions. As long as you follow every rule and regulation, nothing should go wrong. Happy traveling and happy vaping, and enjoy your vacation.

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