Traveling to Hong Kong for the First Time

by Lana Omelic 2 years ago in asia

Hong Kong is a city of dreams that should be visited by everyone at one point in their life. If you are traveling there for the first time you should follow these steps.

Traveling to Hong Kong for the First Time

Hong Kong is an evocative blend of its colonial past and its Chinese present. The main island is a fantastic visual of tall skyscrapers competing with each other to reach up high. The lights from these reflected in the glittering waters of the bay are an impressive sight at night. The luxury hotels are sometimes old colonial houses and can be a marvel to visit and may transport you to a different era.

For an island that was built on land reclaimed from the sea, it has done very well and is today one of the key business centers in the world. Very often, it is evoked in conjunction with business or Disney World. Although both these are a part of Hong Kong city, there is much more to this island.

It is an amalgamation of Chinese culture with British know-how and bureaucracy. Though Chinese dominate the island, there are also settlers from India, Malaysia, and other places which have contributed to making Hong Kong what it is today. It reflects this amalgamation in cultures, and the atmosphere is different at different locations depending on the people running them. Disney World, of course, has a culture of its very own. It has its private accommodation.

There are spots you can visit in Hong Kong which any person may find attractive to visit.

Avenue of stars is a must see the place with commemorative plaques, handprints of celebrities, a life-size statue of Bruce Lee—the kung fu hero and the glamour of film industry. Ocean Park: Ocean park which is situated in the south-east part of Hong Kong island is one of the best parks and aquariums all over Asia.

Hong Kong is known for its thousands of small authentic restaurants, where you can indulge in delicious Chinese food without having to dig too deep into your pocket.

Lin Heung Tea House - The best known of them all, has been around for God knows how many years and is still as popular as ever. Conveniently located on Wellington Street, right between Central and SoHo, the ambiance of this good old establishment reflects the true spirit of Hong Kong.

Most extravagance Hong Kong lodgings highlight other civilities, for example, wellness focuses, swimming pools, warmed pools, poolside relaxation exercises, sun patios with unimaginable perspectives. Others are a diverse array of dining options, elegant bars with the most excellent wines, gourmet cuisine, temperature-controlled spas with A-class Hong Kong massage treatments, saunas, and facilities for yoga, Tai Chi, Eastern healing, relaxation, and other ancient exercise techniques.

Although many people in Hong Kong—especially shopkeepers and hotel staff—do speak English, taxi drivers often don't. But they usually know the names and whereabouts of the hotels.

Office workers have a six-day working week, with only Sundays off. It means that the parks and the ferries to the outlying islands are jam-packed every Sunday. In Hong Kong and China, jam-packed takes a whole new meaning; do take that into consideration when planning out your trip.

There's a lot to see and do in Hong Kong that you won't know where to turn next.

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