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Traveling Sustainably (and on a Budget) | Andrew Hutchings Long Beach

How to travel in a more sustainable manner.

By Andrew Hutchings | Long Beach, CaliforniaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Traveling is a fun and exciting hobby for many people, but unfortunately, it is not the most environmentally-friendly practice. Luckily, there are affordable ways for travelers to decrease their environmental impact and travel more sustainably. Read more on how to reduce that travel guilt.

Before the Trip

Long before going on vacation, eco-conscious travelers should consider how they can cut down on the total amount of transportation their trip or trips will require. Taking fewer long trips will have a smaller negative impact on the environment than taking a larger number of short trips because it cuts down on the total amount of time spent traveling. As a bonus, this will help to save money as well. Immediately before a trip, travelers should take some time to think about what they are bringing with them. Since transporting heavier luggage requires more fuel, being selective about what gets packed and what does not can help keep vacations more sustainable.


Even after limiting the time spent traveling, transportation to and from a vacation destination can have a substantial environmental impact. Travelers can cut down on this impact by choosing the most reliable option available.

If possible, travelers should consider taking a train or public transportation to their destination because these options are more sustainable than flying. If flying cannot be avoided, choosing eco-conscious airlines and efficient flights (those that transport many passengers at a time without using more space) are both excellent options.

On Vacation

Even though traveling to and from a vacation destination has the most significant environmental impact, there are eco-friendly choices that tourists can make while on vacation as well. For example, many destinations are great for walking or biking, so driving or relying on public transportation can be largely avoided. This also helps cut down on costs since travelers do not have to pay for public transport or rent a car.

Staying away from popular, overcrowded tourist destinations is an excellent choice since overtourism puts a heavy strain on an area’s natural resources. Less popular locations and experiences tend to be less expensive as well. Finally, travelers looking to buy souvenirs should make an effort to purchase sustainable products. Avoiding plastic products and buying local goods is recommended.

About Andrew Hutchings Long Beach

Andrew Hutchings hails from Long Beach, California. Over the span of his 40-year stint as a real estate mogul, he has earned himself a sterling reputation as a force to be reckoned with. One of the luxuries of having decades of success under his belt is that Andrew can now choose when to work. He runs his business out of his home and has the pick of the litter when it comes to property selections.

Andrew hit the ground running fresh out of high school. His parents raised him with a solid work ethos, and he followed in their footsteps by going to work with Century 21, learning the basics of the real estate trade. While he was employed, Andrew simultaneously earned a bachelor’s degree in business finance with a focus on real estate. Andrew received his broker’s license at the age of 22, and he started his own office four years later, never looking back.

Andrew Hutchings is the perfect example of how successful someone can become by working hard. Everything he has he earned himself, and he is now at the point in his life where he gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor. As the boss of his own company, not only does Andrew get to choose his own hours, but he also gets to network and interact with clients whenever he decides. His clients are frequently as close to him as his friends are, and he has made countless valuable connections over the past four decades.

Explore AndrewHutchings’ other websites, andrewhutchingslongbeach.com and andrewhutchingslongbeach.org, to learn more about him!

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Andrew Hutchings | Long Beach, California

Andrew Hutchings Long Beach is a well-known real estate professional with forty years of experience in his field. Andrew Hutchings Long Beach is known for his astounding home renovations.

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