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Traveling Makes Us Happier, Not Marriage

by EDGAR ANH HOAI NGUYEN 3 years ago in humanity

Why do I encourage you to travel instead of getting married?

Original Source: Forbes

A single life without marriage can increase your life expectancy. I want to encourage you to spend the rest of your life traveling rather than getting married. Consequently, I suggest that you can live better and longer by traveling around the world for the rest of your own life. Here are the reasons:

1. Gain wider knowledge of the outside world.

Traveling activities bring us happiness, giving us the opportunity to broaden our horizon and to explore anywhere around the world. Also, we can practice our ideal visions for ourselves. This means we do not have to encounter our fears and anxieties about safety, security, and state. Because whenever we travel, we relax our mind and body and stay away from the obstacles of family life. In other words, a trip back to the countryside can enable us to stay away from the hustles and bustles of city life.

2. Interaction with Diverse Cultures

We are able to interact with various cultures from each country. As our world becomes united thanks to a considerable advance in technology and travel choices, there has been an increase in the number of middle and high class who have a passion for something more interesting and authentic. As a result, travel agencies take responsibility to make travellers stand a chance to take root in the richness of a country’s heritage and culture. Both young backpackers and travellers are more open-minded than the elder generations so they love interacting with local people and learn new cultures instead of spending money for expensive tours or luxurious trips. They are increasingly turning away from the packaged holidays to focus on their own search of the more cultural journeys. Their personal experiences while traveling will make them much happier.

3. Make more explorations.

Exploring new things like humankind history, cultural heritage, and tourism destinations can make people feel fascinated. This is because it motivates travellers to think, read, and write. When we set foot on a new place, we usually feel that we may come into a new life. For example, last year I visited the National Museums of Cairo, Moscow Kremlin, and the Giza Pyramid. I marveled at such breathtaking sceneries of such attractions which made my wounds heal up quickly. This helped me get back in form after getting hurt from family businesses and bitter personal experiences of life. Insteading of wasting time to come into a serious conflict with my family, I choose to travel.

4. Spending Less for Properties

It is true to say that spending a big sum of money to afford a fancy car, watch, dress, or a new iPhone, or even a house for our family, is not going to bring us eternal happiness. If you are not either a millionaire or billionaire, you must borrow money from a bank just to buy what you are interested in. Obviously, you are obliged to work as hard as you can to pay debts for such items. A little people ask if this is worth doing so in their lives. However, if you spend at least one hour on thinking about the reasons and motivations that encourage you to buy something, you will learn that there are some more valuable things than properties. That’s traveling. You had better decide to make a purchase of something only if you really need it from the bottom of your heart. That’s the honest truth. I have my own experiences. About 10 years ago, I spent 5,000 USD just to buy a luxurious car. Therefore I regret it now because incidental fees for a car are various, such as maintenance, insurance, and driving license. That’s why I decided to buy a used car at a cheaper price so that I don’t have to pay 5,000 USD anymore because I can use half of this amount for traveling.

To sum up, I can conclude that traveling is a joy after all. It's fear, love, and surprise. It makes you smarter, and it makes you happier once and for all. What is needed to do now is to pack up and go.

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